Getting Out Of Jail

My last few posts are highly critical of the Biden administration. As I pointed out, it failed to understand Project Warp Speed, leaving it with policies unsuited for a rapidly improving situation. A $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill isn’t needed to improve an economy with massive pent-up demand and plenty of cash to spend. Instead, this significant expenditure threatens the economy with rising inflation and higher interest rates. Biden’s labor union allies preclude joining The Trans-Pacific Partnership and getting children quickly back to school. Labor unions historically oppose trade pacts. The Teacher’s Unions always put their interests before the student’s needs. The border is just a bleeding self-inflicted wound. On all fronts, the Biden Administration will lose ground from here on out. 

Arresting the downtrend won’t come from a virtual climate change summit with China and Russia. More likely, our foes will push us into concessions for promises neither have any intention of keeping. We can only appear to the World as weak supplicants. At best, Biden will get a worthless agreement like Chamberlain at Munich. Claiming “Green in Our Time” will work about the same as “Peace in Our time” did for the British Prime Minister.  

Of course, it’s easy to be critical. Rather than waiting for somebody to ask what you would do, I’ll tell you. Instead of a Climate Change virtual Summit, I’d get everyone to zoom on something of widespread, immediate interest; the International need begging for leadership. 

When Jimmy Carter ran for re-election against Ronald Reagan, he came across as a downer. Mr. Malaise didn’t uplift the people. He lost to Reagan in a landslide. On the Covid pandemic, Biden is making the same mistake. He and his chief spokesman, Dr. Anthony Fauci, instead of recognizing the miracle of Project Warp speed and getting out in front of the recovery, both have been bummers. While trying to steal credit for the vaccines and rollout, they’ve failed to realize people are increasingly participating in the return to normal. Telling people to wait until July 4th to have a small barbecue when they’re already having the gatherings is just out of touch.

Two masks Fauci is saying we should wear coverings well into 2022. This utterance begs the question if nothing changes, why bother to get the vaccine. In any case, his claim Operation Warp Speed was “his best idea” should get him fired for being a lying creep. 

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Maybe Everyone Doesn’t Love Biden

In the recent post, “The Dog Ate Biden’s Homework,” I pointed out how the lack of Operation Warp Speed knowledge led to the new administration’s poor decisions. A much faster pace of vaccinations coupled with growing natural immunity has put us at a much more rapid recovery pace than Biden and his advisors anticipated. With the recovery accelerating with plenty of pent-up demand, the high level of savings points to supply pressures. This set of circumstances can lead to price pressures, in other words, inflation. On top of this growing fire, Joe Biden drops an almost $2 trillion log.

While Biden’s unpreparedness got us off on the wrong foot domestically, he’s shown the same lack of homework on the foreign policy. In his Presidential run, Biden promised to restore our relationships across the world Trump destroyed. After two months, it’s fair to ask, with what country do we have better relations? 

Our closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico, must be missing Trump already. They worked with the Trump administration to update the North American Trade Agreement, and it worked for all involved. The first thing the new administration did was kill the Keystone Pipeline. While this killed thousands of jobs in the U.S., this will be even more costly to Canada. While still sending oil to the U.S. by dangerous trunks and trains, the increased Canadian oil production will ultimately feed China’s needs. Rather than reducing emissions, this will increase them. Right off the bat, Biden let the Canadians know what he thinks about their interests.

Donald Trump and Mexican President Obrador formed an unlikely relationship that gained control over cross Mexico migration. Upon taking office, the new administration dumped the arrangements. The result is a massive surge of migrants moving across Mexico to the U.S. The Mexican President now refers to Biden as the “Migrant President.” 

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Fear In The Night

The point of this blog has been to find and promote a better life for our people. Individual liberty is the foundation of this quest. But what if I failed to notice we have already lost much of this underpinning? Instead of liberty, is fear is ruling the day? This fear may seem overwrought, but it is beginning to keep me up at night.

If you think I’m just foolish, please ask yourself some questions. You might find you’re in the same boat. 

Are you afraid something you said, wrote, or was pictured in the past will surface and cost you big? We hear about someone losing their job or forced to resign because they uttered a single word. Still, it was the wrong one: a photo or video wearing something not in line with today’s dominant culture—a teenage tweet with no intent to hurt costs a young girl her cheer leading scholarship. A reality host is stepping down for a gracious comment about a young lady who once went to an antebellum party. 

Are you worried about a reduced local police force will make you a victim of a crime? Almost all big-city police forces are having trouble filling their ranks. Police are retiring or leaving for suburban or smaller town forces in record numbers is resulting in rising crime in the cities

Are you afraid to express your opinions in all social settings or color them for fear of offending? Many people are avoiding social interactions where people with different political, race, or ethnicity are present.

Do you feel no matter where you get your information, you’re not getting the whole story? More and more, it seems the news is more about telling you what to think rather than helping you understand.

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The Dog Ate Biden’s Homework

Over 100,000 unaccompanied children will arrive at our border this year. We have no place to put them. When the new administration dumped Trump’s border actions, including our agreements with Mexico, did they take a moment to consider what might happen? Whatever the Biden brain trust calls it, a crisis has developed out of nowhere. A solution won’t come quickly without backtracking to what worked under Trump. Instead of taking things slow and sure, Biden reversed the safeguards, inviting a tidal wave of people on our Southern border.  

This calamity was foreseeable. Much of the new administration’s problems arise from the same flaw, lack of preparation. One of the primary reasons put forth for electing Biden was competence. Joe and those around him knew what they were doing. It appears they don’t.

The first indication of lack of Biden bunch homework is the ignorance of Project Warp Speed. Biden, his crew, and media allies were relentless in their criticism of the Trump vaccine rollout. Proudly declaring they would get 100 million doses in people’s arms in their first hundred days. The Trump administration reached the Biden rate by inauguration Day. This week we’ll have administered 100 million doses from the standing start December 14th. A quick check of the calendar shows this is well under 100 days. Embarrassed, the new administration quickly upped its aspirations to 1.5 million shots a day. Our average for the last seven days is north of 2 million. Biden can’t get a handle on what’s going on.

As I pointed out in the last post, the U.S. and U.K. are way out in front of vaccinating people (see chart below) among larger nations. Former assistant HHS Secretary in the Trump administration, Adm. Brett Giroir, pointed out that this success is 99% due to the Warp Speed Program’s initiated before the administration change. 

Asked at a press briefing whether the Trump White House deserves credit for our vaccine success, press secretary Jan Psaki replied, “I don’t think anyone deserves credit when half a million people in the country have died of this pandemic,” According to Psaki, the multitude working tirelessly bringing about life-saving vaccines in record time and getting them into peoples arms at world-class speed deserves no praise only blame for every death. 

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Gut Check

A common theme of the Rush Limbaugh eulogies highlighted he stood up to the left-leaning dominant culture. No matter how hard they came after him, Rush struck back. To an audience feeling mocked and disrespected, his show was an oasis. A place where being a conservative or a libertarian could hear their ideas and ideals discussed. Instead of being told what to think, they laughed with Rush. He ridiculed the thoughts and actions of the center-left with commentary and parodies. The “mainstream media” was a choice target. 

Rush watched with his audience as President George W. Bush talked like a conservative as he pushed Federal Government intrusion in education with ” No Child Let Behind.” In the Great Recession, Bush bailed out the Big Banks. Both McCain and Romney talked conservative but failed to stand up to the mainstream media. Instead, they vainly sought its approval.  

Rush became frustrated with Republican leaders less willing to stand up for their values than he was. I think he and his audience knew Donald Trump’s limitations, but he had something his predecessors lacked-a backbone. Kristen Soltis Anderson, writing in the Washington Examiner, had it right when she pointed out, “Trumpism isn’t an Ideology-it’s a fighting posture.”

Being willing to tough it out allowed Trump and the Republicans to cut taxes, rein in regulations, appoint a ton of conservative judges, and strengthen the military. Trump directly took on the culture clash, condemning things such as the “1619 Project” and “Critical Race Theory.” He questioned the lockdowns and pushed schools to reopen. Conservatives applauded.

However, regardless of what he says or does now, Trump has virtually no chance of winning back the Presidency. His actions leading up to and after the 2020 election showed his lack of judgment and depth. There aren’t enough people out there willing to take a chance on him again. After his appearance at CPAC, his influence will slowly decline. A third of the CPAC straw poll voters for the 2024 nomination went for someone other than Trump. They’re ready to move on.

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