Willpower challenged New Jersey Governor Chris Chistie has endorsed Donald Trump, a man who according to Salon “he previously had repeatedly deemed as not “suited” for the presidency due to, among others, his positions on illegal immigration and his desire to bar Muslims from entering the country. The rhetoric flowing back and forth had been toxic for months before the primary in New Hampshire. Why anyone would endorse a man who had told everyone that he knew all about his administration’s traffic lane scandal before it happened isn’t known.” It is widely speculated Christie was promised a big job. Who knows. After all self discipline has never been a Christie strong point. Remember how he had Laparoscopic surgery before his doomed presidential run to reverse his rapidly expanding girth? Al Roker had the same surgery and millions saw his marvelous improvement. Christie didn’t loose even one of his chins. Obviously, he doesn’t have the willpower to pass up any meatball sandwich offered. With his dismal loss in New Hampshire the only state he actually competed in, voters showed they weren’t about to entrust the health of the country to someone who thinks so little of his own. Continue reading


Could a party’s future ever look better than the Republican going into the 2016 election? It controlled both houses of congress, a solid majority of governors and state legislatures. An incumbent democratic president underwater in popularity and an electorate  convinced we were on the wrong track. The potential democrat nominee was either a baggage laden distrusted loser or an old socialist. The Republicans on the other hand could choose between a raft of young bright attractive candidates. So how did we get to this point where a recent convert businessman with a similar business model as the Kardashian’s and highest unfavorable ratings of any candidate is poised to win the Republican nomination? Continue reading