Willpower challenged New Jersey Governor Chris Chistie has endorsed Donald Trump, a man who according to Salon “he previously had repeatedly deemed as not “suited” for the presidency due to, among others, his positions on illegal immigration and his desire to bar Muslims from entering the country. The rhetoric flowing back and forth had been toxic for months before the primary in New Hampshire. Why anyone would endorse a man who had told everyone that he knew all about his administration’s traffic lane scandal before it happened isn’t known.” It is widely speculated Christie was promised a big job. Who knows. After all self discipline has never been a Christie strong point. Remember how he had Laparoscopic surgery before his doomed presidential run to reverse his rapidly expanding girth? Al Roker had the same surgery and millions saw his marvelous improvement. Christie didn’t loose even one of his chins. Obviously, he doesn’t have the willpower to pass up any meatball sandwich offered. With his dismal loss in New Hampshire the only state he actually competed in, voters showed they weren’t about to entrust the health of the country to someone who thinks so little of his own.

The only thing this guy is known for besides his traffic control expertise, is a keynote speech where he talked only about himself and not the candidate, his embrace of Obama just before the election and his relentless attack on Rubio when he knew he himself was a loser looking for a future job. Rubio at least grew as a candidate and impressively improved his debate performances. The only thing Christie grew was his waistline. Why would anybody want listen to this big mouthed blimp? Do what New Hampshire did and send fatso home. Then our only Christie worry is if he has the airline seat next to you.

While we’re on the subject of endorsements, let’s take a look at some of the evangelical endorsements Trump received. Jerry Falwell Jr, Robert Jeffress and Mike Huckabee  stand out. Oh, you say Huckabee hasn’t endorsed Trump but it’s inevitable. He’s just waiting for the next time Trump gets smacked down and he needs to change the subject. You’ll know how bad Trump has  slipped by how soon he has to roll out the  morbidly obese Huckabee.  These supposed paragons of virtue loudly proclaimed their outrage at the Republican leadership’s failure to defund Planned  Parenthood. How could you be against abortion and then provides money to the largest abortionist they cried? The leadership betrayed us they lamented and announced we have to find a new hero. Then they go ahead and endorse the one republican candidate who is a major supporter of Planned Parenthood the largest provider of abortions by far. You just can’t make this stuff up. We know Trump is a big supporter because he actually lauded the group from the debate stage. Possible large donations to Planned parenthood is probably one of the reasons he doesn’t give us his tax returns. In fact those returns will show something else, what if any money he gave to pro life groups. According to the Christian Post, “A coalition of 10 prominent female pro-life leaders have signed onto a letter encouraging Iowa Caucus goers to vote for “anyone but Donald Trump,” citing concerns that if he wins the Republican nomination he would consider picking a pro-choice vice presidential running mate and if elected president, would consider nominating pro-choice justices to the Supreme Court.” Does that sound like groups seeing the big bucks from The Donald?

As they say, if you want to know where a person’s heart really is follow the money. These evangelicals have to know this but maybe a further tracking of money is in order. We know Huckabee put padding his bank account at Fox above the call to serve in 2012. We know this because he told us. Now out of a job after a presidential run spent mainly at the kiddie table, he needs big bucks to keep his enormous belly filled. Anyway,what was the big about deal defunding Planned Parenthood if a Billionaire stood ready to make up the difference. After all, Trump says he gives “generously” to what he supports. We’d love to be present on judgement day when these hip0crites try to explain themselves. Oh, they tell us that there are other reasons, but come on. In the future when the evangelicals try make abortion a litmus test, maybe it’ll  time to realize how little they actually care  and move on to a reasonable compromise. If it’s not that important to them, why should it continue to divide the nation. Frankly we’re seeing the issue in whole new light.

Some will say we’re  over the top, but civility went out when these endorsers hero came in. Welcome to the world of Trump. Truth be told, we find it kind of liberating. Just how these jerks like it in the future, we’ll find out. Maybe they’ll realize, what goes around comes around.



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