Do We Ever Learn Anything?

Suddenly, the widening Republican split over trade and tariffs is all over media.  If people had bothered to look, this should come as no surprise.  Back in January a year ago we looked at these potential problems, foreseeing Trump’s long-held positions on trade, immigration and the world indicated a less than enthusiastic for US support for classical liberal values. A year ago January we tackled these looming clashes in our posts AND THEN THE REPUBLICANS and Reasons for Hope-or Not.  Trump’s first year was spent  achieving Republican goals favored by virtually all his primary opponents.  Tax cuts, regulatory relief and the appointment of conservative judges were jointly achieved.  Healthcare where there was no real Republican or Trump Plan  only nicked Obama care rather than ending and/or replacing it.  Now we’re at the moment of truth.  Will Trump cave and change his long-held view the rest of the world has taken advantage of the US and become a free trader at the risk of losing his base or stay true to the positions that won his following.  The recent steel and aluminum tariffs indicate he’s where he always been, a 16th century mercantilist.

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