Hang Him High

Wow! A senate candidate with a history of  sex with a slew of underage girls, can’t help but think this guy is toast.  The fact that he held some far out positions we heartily disliked only made the picture in our minds worse.  Drum this guy out of the race! The praise of the Washington Post’s reporting in exposing this “pedophile” to use a term prevalent on all the cable shows, only works to seal the deal. That this goes back 35-40 years ago doesn’t matter, these gals are telling the truth.  But a press conference held by the candidate Roy Moore’s team planted some small seeds of doubt.  We fully expected to see each of Moore’s supporters  and other supporters such as Breitbart contentions smacked down by the Post and others.  We’re still waiting.

The slew of underage girls turns out to be just one.  The others range from 16 to 28.  True for the most part Moore was considerably older and this is frowned on in certain circles, but it isn’t illegal in Alabama. College faculties might be decimated if we carted off faculty members dating their young students to the hoosegow. Remember college freshman range from 16-20 with 18 as the median.  May-December may not be our cup of tea but hardly shocking.  A teacher or professor having a relationship with his or her student on its face implies unequal power and should be discouraged, but its hard to see this in the Moore case. None of these people worked for or were dependent in any way on the then Assistant DA., Moore.

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Trying Everything Else

Our readers are well aware none of our proposed solutions to our various ills have come close to being adopted.  No new and shiny third major party to break the hold of our existing duopoly.  Obama care rolls merrily down the road with no coherent alternative even considered.  More states have increased the minimum wage further proving commonsense continues to lose out to political flim-flam. We have withdrawn from the one proposed multinational trade agreement the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and threaten to withdraw from others (NAFTA).  Not only do we not have a base in Kurdistan, apparently we have tossed our best allies in the fight against ISIS to the wolves. Israel will face nuclear destruction in the not too distant future. The Middle East Cauldron threatens to boil over in the face of our much diminished influence.  China advances its control of a major trade route. Bad actors in Cuba and Venezuela in our hemisphere to North Korea are still in place to continue their evil ways.  By all rights we should be in deep depression, but being cock-eyed optimists we would rather believe the across board policy failures will ultimately open people to real innovative solutions.

Take our domestic politics.  While no new party has yet taken the field, more and more  people have become estranged from the two majors. Senators Corker and Flake have chosen to go home rather than try to continue in a party no longer representing their values.  Most centrist Democrats have been pushed out of their party.  The few left such as Joe Manchin are curiosities.  Maybe they and their followers just going to hide under their beds, but most people active in politics all their lives don’t go quietly into the night. If their political futures are blocked in the two established parties many will want a path forward.  The present leaders inability to solve problems leaves the door wide open for a new approach.  Ambitious talented people will find a way.  Possibly we will see Flake and Corker and others expounding their views on government in a new venue.  We expressed our view that Flake and others needed an alternative to ward off the Trump/Bannon wing of the party in our post THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME Remember the inability to solve problems such as slavery brought forth the Republicans causing the demise of the Whigs and changed the Democrats for decades.

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