A Plan To Move Forward II

We thought our plan for moving forward was pretty clear and would be seen as workable. Apparently, we were wrong. We feel the wind generated by east-west and back head movements. The identification and protection of the most vulnerable are seen by some as impossible.
Others contend they’re already hunkered down. Neither of these things is presently valid. As we have pointed out, almost all of the at-risk group is known. The government and/ especially to the medical community know how to contact them. People with preexisting conditions are under medical care. We know this because a doctor has to prescribe their necessary medications. Doctors know how to reach people with diabetes, HIV, cancer, heart disease, and the many other conditions, COVID-19 puts them in grave danger. They can definitely contact their endangered patients. The government sends almost all the elderly social security checks, so they too can surely send them information.

Sheep are highly at risk of being attacked by hungry wolves. Shepherds of old didn’t just tell the sheep of the danger and advise them to lay low. Wolves can be seen as COVID-19 infected. The sheep are vulnerable. The shepherd’s job is to keep wolves and sheep apart. They could hunt the wolves down, but they don’t know where they are, so that takes a lot of work and time. On the other hand, the whereabouts of the sheep are well known so we can gather and protect them. In the best of worlds, we can do both, but which is more easily achieved?

We may think we’re protecting our susceptible, but the facts say otherwise. Over 76% of those needing extreme care are those with preexisting conditions. We can narrow it down even more. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Men are seen as three times more at risk of death in a hospital from COVID-19.” This experience is mirrored in other countries and our experience with other pandemics. We know who is in danger of overloading the system. It’s not healthy 12 yr school kids. Yet, we still have coronavirus outbreaks in nursing homes. Seniors stand in dangerous crowds during special grocery store hours only come up empty of necessities. According to today’s Wall Street Journal, the government is just now issuing guidelines for nursing homes. It just makes sense to build a dam upstream rather than be overwhelmed by the flood.

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