Getting Out Of Jail

My last few posts are highly critical of the Biden administration. As I pointed out, it failed to understand Project Warp Speed, leaving it with policies unsuited for a rapidly improving situation. A $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill isn’t needed to improve an economy with massive pent-up demand and plenty of cash to spend. Instead, this significant expenditure threatens the economy with rising inflation and higher interest rates. Biden’s labor union allies preclude joining The Trans-Pacific Partnership and getting children quickly back to school. Labor unions historically oppose trade pacts. The Teacher’s Unions always put their interests before the student’s needs. The border is just a bleeding self-inflicted wound. On all fronts, the Biden Administration will lose ground from here on out. 

Arresting the downtrend won’t come from a virtual climate change summit with China and Russia. More likely, our foes will push us into concessions for promises neither have any intention of keeping. We can only appear to the World as weak supplicants. At best, Biden will get a worthless agreement like Chamberlain at Munich. Claiming “Green in Our Time” will work about the same as “Peace in Our time” did for the British Prime Minister.  

Of course, it’s easy to be critical. Rather than waiting for somebody to ask what you would do, I’ll tell you. Instead of a Climate Change virtual Summit, I’d get everyone to zoom on something of widespread, immediate interest; the International need begging for leadership. 

When Jimmy Carter ran for re-election against Ronald Reagan, he came across as a downer. Mr. Malaise didn’t uplift the people. He lost to Reagan in a landslide. On the Covid pandemic, Biden is making the same mistake. He and his chief spokesman, Dr. Anthony Fauci, instead of recognizing the miracle of Project Warp speed and getting out in front of the recovery, both have been bummers. While trying to steal credit for the vaccines and rollout, they’ve failed to realize people are increasingly participating in the return to normal. Telling people to wait until July 4th to have a small barbecue when they’re already having the gatherings is just out of touch.

Two masks Fauci is saying we should wear coverings well into 2022. This utterance begs the question if nothing changes, why bother to get the vaccine. In any case, his claim Operation Warp Speed was “his best idea” should get him fired for being a lying creep. 

Biden is our leader, and he needs to get out in front of the parade. The first thing he needs to do is dump Dr. Fauci. Fair or not, the doctor has become the face of restrictive lockdowns. As it becomes increasingly clear the lockdowns did more harm than good, he becomes a liability. Top doctors are calling him out for ignoring the science on things such as natural immunity. Half the country has already lost faith in him. Better to bring in a fresh, upbeat chief medical advisor. 

The first thing Biden and his sunny new advisor could do is organize a world town hall for an internationally recognized vaccine passport. As the World is increasingly vaccinated, everyone wants to know how best to take advantage. Vaccine passports could speed the opening of the hardest-hit areas of the world economy. In-person entertainment, sports, travel, and hospitality remain in difficulty. Millions of jobs are still in limbo. What country doesn’t depend on tourism? 

Taking the lead in sponsoring an international vaccine passport doesn’t mean the United States should be the one providing it. Some countries might oppose it just because it comes from us. It might even get tied up in our courts. Instead, we should realize many participants are already exploring the issuance of passports. The United States shouldn’t require or issue vaccine cards. However, a private company such as American Airlines can use it. They want a consistent standard throughout the industry. Same with businesses across the World. There isn’t any question of providing proof of immunity to participate in many life aspects, only if you can give it conveniently.

We know the EU, Airlines, Hospitality groups, and other nations actively explore the adoption of vaccine passports. The organization of Business Travelers claims it’s s a necessity. As I’ve pointed out, Royal Caribbean is already scheduling all vaccinated cruises out of Israel. The danger is a mass of incompatible documents. It is far better to have a single standard.

Luckily, a nation far out in front of getting its citizens vaccinated saw the necessity and has already implemented its Israeli Green Pass. Some other countries have already adopted it. As most people in Israel are vaccinated, they quickly realized, those immune either by vaccines or naturally want to get together. Economically and socially, this meant without distancing and masks. The Green Pass isn’t mandatory, just standard convenience.

cautionary tale published in the Arizona Republic shows us why this is so important. A Doctor is attempting to fly from Phoenix to his charity clinic in Pakistan. He missed his flight even though he tried to meet all the testing requirements required by different entities. The key to a return to something close to normality is standardization.

If Biden prevailed on the Israelis to share the technology, I feel he would get a favorable response. Nothing enhances a nation’s reputation than helping to put millions back to work worldwide. Israel won’t pass up a chance to be a good guy.

Already in Operation, everyone adapts and promotes the Green Pass for their needs. A non-national and non-partisan international oversight group allow even nations unlikely to adopt a US program such as China and Russia to get on board. They have travelers and tourist industries like everyone else. The big bonus is the need for a vaccine passport to have a life, and we encourage more people to get the vaccine. The quicker we get shots in the arm, the sooner we get to herd immunity. While the passports won’t be mandatory, the advantages of everybody cooperating are overwhelming. Nobody should force you to get vaccinated, but you might want to go to a concert, go on a cruise, go through the airport faster, or go to a business meeting. Remember, private business doesn’t owe you anything. 

The US exercising leadership with a light touch is all upside. Only the US has the clout and trust to bring all the stakeholders together. Establishing the standard without controlling it is altruistic. Everybody benefits, including the US and Biden, for bringing it about. This initiative establishes our President as the World’s leader in solving a global problem. He could expand the positive response by offering to donate some of the 100s of millions of doses he over-ordered. We’ll have enough to vaccinate Americans twice over.

Time is of the essence. Every day millions of jobs fail to return, and we’ll see more lives destroyed. Adopting Israeli technology is a time saver. Unfortunately, Biden has asked only for ideas from various parts of the government. This bureaucratic slow-walk is the opposite of what is needed. There is no sense of urgency. It makes one wonder if, when, or ever we would have Covid vaccines if Biden had been in charge.

The first thing is to get the Israelis on the line and get their Green Pass on the table. Next, contact people representing those most in need of the passports. Get them on board with an oversight group to adapt the system to the US. Then ask them who else to invite worldwide to the town hall. With a framework established, going worldwide should follow. 

Even Florida Governor DeSantis and other anti-passport people could warm to this program. No mandates, just cooperation is involved. As Governor of a state with a huge tourist industry and two of the World’s largest cruise ports, he knows what’s at stake. Someone flying to Florida to take a cruise might find it a lot more convenient to use one passport for the Airline, pre-cruise Hotel, and cruise than a bunch. 

On the other hand, Biden seems unable to see a considerable need right in front of his nose and take action. Rather than government action, he needs to show leadership. A friend should point him in the right direction. 

Even with rising Covid cases primarily in New York, New Jersey, and Michigan, the outlook for herd immunity this spring is still on course. Our vaccination rate keeps going up. Strange, cases are in strict lockdown states. A quick-thinking administration might rush our stored tens of millions of AstraZeneca doses to those states to arrest the spread. Unfortunately, quick-thinking and Biden don’t go together.   

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