Maybe Everyone Doesn’t Love Biden

In the recent post, “The Dog Ate Biden’s Homework,” I pointed out how the lack of Operation Warp Speed knowledge led to the new administration’s poor decisions. A much faster pace of vaccinations coupled with growing natural immunity has put us at a much more rapid recovery pace than Biden and his advisors anticipated. With the recovery accelerating with plenty of pent-up demand, the high level of savings points to supply pressures. This set of circumstances can lead to price pressures, in other words, inflation. On top of this growing fire, Joe Biden drops an almost $2 trillion log.

While Biden’s unpreparedness got us off on the wrong foot domestically, he’s shown the same lack of homework on the foreign policy. In his Presidential run, Biden promised to restore our relationships across the world Trump destroyed. After two months, it’s fair to ask, with what country do we have better relations? 

Our closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico, must be missing Trump already. They worked with the Trump administration to update the North American Trade Agreement, and it worked for all involved. The first thing the new administration did was kill the Keystone Pipeline. While this killed thousands of jobs in the U.S., this will be even more costly to Canada. While still sending oil to the U.S. by dangerous trunks and trains, the increased Canadian oil production will ultimately feed China’s needs. Rather than reducing emissions, this will increase them. Right off the bat, Biden let the Canadians know what he thinks about their interests.

Donald Trump and Mexican President Obrador formed an unlikely relationship that gained control over cross Mexico migration. Upon taking office, the new administration dumped the arrangements. The result is a massive surge of migrants moving across Mexico to the U.S. The Mexican President now refers to Biden as the “Migrant President.” 

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