Maybe Everyone Doesn’t Love Biden

In the recent post, “The Dog Ate Biden’s Homework,” I pointed out how the lack of Operation Warp Speed knowledge led to the new administration’s poor decisions. A much faster pace of vaccinations coupled with growing natural immunity has put us at a much more rapid recovery pace than Biden and his advisors anticipated. With the recovery accelerating with plenty of pent-up demand, the high level of savings points to supply pressures. This set of circumstances can lead to price pressures, in other words, inflation. On top of this growing fire, Joe Biden drops an almost $2 trillion log.

While Biden’s unpreparedness got us off on the wrong foot domestically, he’s shown the same lack of homework on the foreign policy. In his Presidential run, Biden promised to restore our relationships across the world Trump destroyed. After two months, it’s fair to ask, with what country do we have better relations? 

Our closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico, must be missing Trump already. They worked with the Trump administration to update the North American Trade Agreement, and it worked for all involved. The first thing the new administration did was kill the Keystone Pipeline. While this killed thousands of jobs in the U.S., this will be even more costly to Canada. While still sending oil to the U.S. by dangerous trunks and trains, the increased Canadian oil production will ultimately feed China’s needs. Rather than reducing emissions, this will increase them. Right off the bat, Biden let the Canadians know what he thinks about their interests.

Donald Trump and Mexican President Obrador formed an unlikely relationship that gained control over cross Mexico migration. Upon taking office, the new administration dumped the arrangements. The result is a massive surge of migrants moving across Mexico to the U.S. The Mexican President now refers to Biden as the “Migrant President.” 

I thought a rapidly growing U.S. economy would be a magnet for migrants, but suddenly dropping the in-place restraints has provoked a crisis in both the U.S. and Mexico. 

The discussion between Obrador and Biden is frosty. Beyond the migration crisis, Mexico needs Covid vaccines. Asked for some help from the US, Biden has finally offered enough shots to vaccinate 1.25milliom. This for a population of 129 million. 

This offering is even less generous than it looks. We’re giving Mexico the AstraZeneca Vaccine stockpiled here, awaiting F.D.A. approval. Operation Warp Speed included this vaccine now used in 80 countries. Tens of millions of doses we’ve paid for are sitting in warehouses. Some have recommended using the vast data available from the millions of doses administered overseas to bypass F.D.A. approval to get doses into more arms and get herd immunity sooner. Common sense tells us we will save many more lives if shot into arms than sitting in warehouses.

The Biden administration has instead chosen to sit on the doses. Only the drop in the bucket to Mexico and an even smaller amount OKd for Canada to be used soon. It’s as if the administration has no concept of the time-death relationship in this pandemic.

With European vaccinations lagging, the E.U. has also asked for some of our AstraZeneca to no avail. Joe has the same regard for European lives as he has for those of our closest neighbors. 

dIn December, after Biden’s election win, the E.U. and China signed a comprehensive investment agreement. This action will hamper any desire of the administration to present a united front against our greatest adversary. Confronting and deterring China’s efforts from upsetting the world’s progress will need Western cooperation.

Dooming the Keystone Pipeline leaves Biden no room to consent to the German-Russia Baltic pipeline. After all, if pipelines are wrong here, they’re bad everywhere. This won’t make the Germans happy.

The countries of Eastern Europe menaced by Russia remember Obama’s extreme weakness in Ukraine and missile defense in Poland. Obama sent blankets to Ukraine. Trump sent tank-killing missiles. Who do you think they trust? 

The Middle East Abraham Accords put a powerful block to Iran’s ambitions while promising economic gains. The Trump administration brokered the breakthrough. Our friends want to know if Biden will return to the barely concealed antagonism towards Israel and tilt towards Iran of the Obama years. Biden’s talk of returning to the Iran Nuclear Accord isn’t reassuring. 

We’ve known all along, reining in China’s ambitions will require a solid front among its neighbors with support from the U.S. The Trans-Pacific Partnership(T.P.P.) establishing a trade group excluding China was a great start. Everyone needs a reliable trade alternative to China. Unfortunately, Trump pulled out of the Treaty. I said at the time; this was a significant mistake. Biden can rectify this error by re-entering The T.P.P. Unfortunately, the Democrats under their then-candidate, Hillary Clinton, also abandoned the Treaty. Historically, Democrats are unfriendly to trade agreements. Presently we deal with many of China’s neighbors on a less favorable basis since the December the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership or R.C.E.P. than China. Hesitation to link trade is a confusing message regardless if it comes from Trump or Biden.

Instead of shoring up our relationships worldwide, before confronting our adversaries, China, Russia, and Iran, Biden already approached them. The results are just what we should’ve expected. Biden called Putin a killer, and the Russian President boldly challenged Biden to a debate. Iran won’t even talk to us until we lift the Trump sanctions.

At the Alaska talks with China, the administration presented our list of grievances, and China undeterred pushed back in a threatening manner. 

Biden and his advisors failed to understand many nations got along well with Trump. The Obama years left some questioning our support. Instead of addressing these issues, they subjected the country to humiliating responses from our adversaries. So I again ask, who likes us better under Biden?

The Data continues to show we are still on target to achieve Herd Immunity this Spring. Don’t let Fauci tell you different.

We continue to be among the leaders in Covid shots.

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