Gut Check

A common theme of the Rush Limbaugh eulogies highlighted he stood up to the left-leaning dominant culture. No matter how hard they came after him, Rush struck back. To an audience feeling mocked and disrespected, his show was an oasis. A place where being a conservative or a libertarian could hear their ideas and ideals discussed. Instead of being told what to think, they laughed with Rush. He ridiculed the thoughts and actions of the center-left with commentary and parodies. The “mainstream media” was a choice target. 

Rush watched with his audience as President George W. Bush talked like a conservative as he pushed Federal Government intrusion in education with ” No Child Let Behind.” In the Great Recession, Bush bailed out the Big Banks. Both McCain and Romney talked conservative but failed to stand up to the mainstream media. Instead, they vainly sought its approval.  

Rush became frustrated with Republican leaders less willing to stand up for their values than he was. I think he and his audience knew Donald Trump’s limitations, but he had something his predecessors lacked-a backbone. Kristen Soltis Anderson, writing in the Washington Examiner, had it right when she pointed out, “Trumpism isn’t an Ideology-it’s a fighting posture.”

Being willing to tough it out allowed Trump and the Republicans to cut taxes, rein in regulations, appoint a ton of conservative judges, and strengthen the military. Trump directly took on the culture clash, condemning things such as the “1619 Project” and “Critical Race Theory.” He questioned the lockdowns and pushed schools to reopen. Conservatives applauded.

However, regardless of what he says or does now, Trump has virtually no chance of winning back the Presidency. His actions leading up to and after the 2020 election showed his lack of judgment and depth. There aren’t enough people out there willing to take a chance on him again. After his appearance at CPAC, his influence will slowly decline. A third of the CPAC straw poll voters for the 2024 nomination went for someone other than Trump. They’re ready to move on.

Parties have nominated sure losers in the past, Barry Goldwater and William Jennings Bryant, come to mind, but neither was 78 at the time. After seeing the Feeble Biden, someone younger, steadfast in the current battles without the baggage, will be more attractive to the party. Winning is still the primary goal. 

The Nominee will have to establish that they have the character to stand up—a person understanding the issues and drawing their own conclusions. More importantly, the strength to take the slings and arrows and continue to act on your beliefs.

The pandemic divided us along two different “scientific” paths, lockdowns vs. a targeted approach. The government’s medical bureaucracy, having failed in the beginning to protect us, panicked to the lockdown position. Many states, big-government politicians, and media joined them.

Two blue-state governors looked at the covid data and chose the targeted approach. The reaction from those favoring lockdowns was swift and furious. While New York Governor Cuomo was heralded as the “Gold Standard” of Covid response, Governors Ron DeSantis of Florida and Kristi Noem of South Dakota were portrayed as ignorant murderers. Unlike so many Republicans, neither wavered. The two Governors did their homework and knew they were right.  

The payoff for having the courage of their convictions has already started. Just having their schools open puts them on the right side of a growing crisis. As the long-term consequences of the lockdowns become apparent, these two will only continue to look better. They pass the “fighting posture” test with flying colors.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was a successful governor and U.N. ambassador. Somehow, she served in the Trump administration and emerged unscathed and still her own person. Anti-Trumpers and Trumpers attacked her, and she is still standing. Credit excellent political acumen and sharp elbows. Nikki also passes the test. 

Others don’t come off so well. Ted Cruz stood up to Trump until he needed his help to get re-elected. Many others in the party have to check with former President Trump to find out what they think. This group includes the Trump family. Standing alone in a storm isn’t in their nature.

I hope the Never-Trumps who failed to support the rest of the Republican Ticket are happy as Democrats. Everyone can understand Cindy McCain being against Trump. Not helping the rest of the Arizona ticket and speaking at the other party’s convention is a bridge too far. The Republican door has closed behind Never-Trumpers. 

The same goes for the Republicans failing to come to DeSantis and Noem’s defense when they were under withering attack. Where was their courage?

There may be others out there, but they will have to have convictions they’re willing to stand up for. At least three have shown those traits.

The response to Covid will continue to expand as a 2022 issue. The school issue alone is growing every day as it should. A generation of our children is at risk.

As predicted, the Biden vaccine lie grows. Watching Fareed Zakaria and Bill Gates agreeing on CNN how terrible our vaccine roll-out has been is enough to make one ill. How dumb do they think we are? Sad to see Gates in this role. Just a glance at this graph proves this isn’t true. Only the much smaller and less diverse U.K. among the majors has done marginally better. Bolstered with the approval of Trump’s Warp Speed Vaccine from J & J, we”ll do even better:

I’ll continue to show the Great Dashboard from the Dispatch, so you see the facts for yourself. Remember, the Biden Administration hasn’t had time to affect the data. This is a good thing. Don’t let them lie to you. 

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