The Dog Ate Biden’s Homework

Over 100,000 unaccompanied children will arrive at our border this year. We have no place to put them. When the new administration dumped Trump’s border actions, including our agreements with Mexico, did they take a moment to consider what might happen? Whatever the Biden brain trust calls it, a crisis has developed out of nowhere. A solution won’t come quickly without backtracking to what worked under Trump. Instead of taking things slow and sure, Biden reversed the safeguards, inviting a tidal wave of people on our Southern border.  

This calamity was foreseeable. Much of the new administration’s problems arise from the same flaw, lack of preparation. One of the primary reasons put forth for electing Biden was competence. Joe and those around him knew what they were doing. It appears they don’t.

The first indication of lack of Biden bunch homework is the ignorance of Project Warp Speed. Biden, his crew, and media allies were relentless in their criticism of the Trump vaccine rollout. Proudly declaring they would get 100 million doses in people’s arms in their first hundred days. The Trump administration reached the Biden rate by inauguration Day. This week we’ll have administered 100 million doses from the standing start December 14th. A quick check of the calendar shows this is well under 100 days. Embarrassed, the new administration quickly upped its aspirations to 1.5 million shots a day. Our average for the last seven days is north of 2 million. Biden can’t get a handle on what’s going on.

As I pointed out in the last post, the U.S. and U.K. are way out in front of vaccinating people (see chart below) among larger nations. Former assistant HHS Secretary in the Trump administration, Adm. Brett Giroir, pointed out that this success is 99% due to the Warp Speed Program’s initiated before the administration change. 

Asked at a press briefing whether the Trump White House deserves credit for our vaccine success, press secretary Jan Psaki replied, “I don’t think anyone deserves credit when half a million people in the country have died of this pandemic,” According to Psaki, the multitude working tirelessly bringing about life-saving vaccines in record time and getting them into peoples arms at world-class speed deserves no praise only blame for every death. 

Beyond the lack of class, this shows ignorance of the Warp Speed program. This deficiency has caused significant errors by the new administration. The program’s speed left it unable to understand people seeing hospital Covid usage way down, and the elderly were vaccinated expected change. Why aren’t the kids in school and businesses open?  

I have long pointed out there never has been credible science behind keeping K-8 kids out of school. The fact the Biden allied teacher’s unions have held so many children out of school is a national disgrace. As more and more states open up, the spotlight shines brightly on the closed schools. Being caught in the middle, the Biden administration only asks for billions more for schools without demanding they open now.

As the economy continues to open, it’s surging. This swell has taken the administration by surprise. By significantly underestimating vaccinations’ speed and the possible large numbers with natural immunity, it put all its efforts behind a $1.9 trillion Covid stimulus bill Bill. By the time it’s spending the bulk of the money, we’ll have a roaring economy. Inflation and higher interest rates will be the worry

Had Biden understood the real timeline, he could’ve gone with a bi-partisan targeted bill. This move would’ve left both sides open to a future infrastructure bill—the need for Greater WiFi access and a strengthened electric grid were exposed over the last year. The idea of Biden as a unifier is displayed for all to see. Instead, he’s stuck with a partisan, dangerously expensive program and closed schools. Good luck with running on these in 2022.

Misunderstanding Warp Speed and actual science leaves the Biden administration adrift for the future. The U.K., Japan, China, and E.U., among others, are debating vaccine passports. Israel the world leader in Covid vaccinations (I’ve added it to our Covid chart below), is already issuing its “Green Pass.” Vaccinated people can download an app that displays their vaccination proof. The app can also show evidence someone has recovered from covid-19—the immunity evidence is suitable for travel and entertainment venues. Royal Caribbean’s newest ship already has May sailings to the Greek Islands out of Israel. The crew and adult passengers will need immunity proof. The “Green Pass” fills the bill.   

Israel isn’t forcing people to get vaccinated, but if you want to live any life, you’ll need the pass. Young people might resist getting vaccinated, but most will take the shot if they’re going to go with their friends to a rock concert. It’s the subtle push needed to get almost everyone to get vaccinated.

Other nations are already joining Israel’s “Green Pass.” Where’s the U.S.? Airlines and entertainment venues are exploring passports, but a single system would avoid confusion and speed the recovery. Unfortunately, the Biden administration is so far behind the curve; they haven’t even indicated they are aware of the need for a vaccine passport.

Instead of sending out downer spokespeople like Dr. Fauci to slow openings down to some Biden timetable, the administration needs new blood to recognize the situation’s realities and take the necessary measures to align it with the recovery. In any case, by April or May, it will be abundantly clear who is right and wrong. Replacing the wrong-headed lockdowns like Dr. Fauci with real medical policy experts with broader vision fields is an excellent place to start. 

The idea of a wider field of vision applies to all aspects of the administration. Dumping the safe non-emitting Keystone Pipeline on day one highlights the German-Russian Baltic and Russia-China pipelines. If these go forward, why are people losing good jobs here when these pipelines increase fossil fuel usage abroad? 

A rapidly recovering American economy is bound to attract droves of migrants. The administration must catch up to what is happening before we’re overwhelmed. So far, the administration has been caught flatfooted.

Biden needs to get out of the basement and find forward-looking knowledgeable people before it’s too late. Diversity doesn’t equal competence. 

The updated vaccination chart includes world leader Israel. Though a small country, it provides an extensive test of vaccines. By looking at its data and actions, we can act smarter now and in the future:

 The actual numbers and trends protect us from the Biden administration’s “Big Lies.”

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