Better to Take Our Time

The 2020 election is winding down. As it should be, canvassing and recounts are taking place. An election with an enormous increase in mail-in ballots with many states using methods for the first time was bound to be suspect. Add a very close election when all the polls predicted a “Blue Wave,” and you have questions. Of course, rumors will fly. Understandably, the likely winners want the losers to concede. Still, it is far more critical the nation is assured the election was fair. If this takes a little more time, it will prove to be best for the country. If Trump has questions, this is the time for answers.

If we don’t establish the truth and get it out quickly, we end up with Ferguson type myths. Even though subsequent investigations determined Michael Brown was the author of his own death, a false narrative in the interim gained currency. The legend lives on today. Black Lives Matter was born in the flames of a burning Ferguson, Mo on the lie Michael Brown was criminally shot by a cop. “Hands up don’t Shoot” Michel Brown’s supposed last words are still heard. Michael Brown’s name is used to justify further unrest. Of course, none of it was ever real. The false narrative was off in the running before the truth could be determined and communicated.

How deeply has the false Ferguson Narrative dug in? Recently Shelby Steele, a scholar at the Hoover Institution, and his filmmaker son Eli released their documentary “What Killed Michael Brown?.” A solid exposition of what actually happened in Ferguson and its ramifications. Hard to believe, but Amazon Prime initially refused to distribute the film. According to Shelby Steele, Amazon “contributed $10 million to Black Lives Matter.”

Maybe Amazon had a problem with the movie’s content. Eli Steele tells us,” There are four criteria in order to go into content review. We didn’t meet any of the four criteria. So it has to be something else.” Eventually, the documentary was cleared and is now available on Amazon Prime. A highly respected black scholar was put through hoops before his work was available at the monster merchant.

Here it is years later, and the truth about Ferguson still has trouble seeing the light of day. We should take the time now to get all the election facts straight now to minimize the fallout. What’s the hurry?

The Biden campaign says the country is harmed by Trump’s election challenges. It’s hard to see why. His vice-president gets regular national security briefings as a member of the Senate Armed Service Committee. One would assume they talk.

The economy is rebounding much better than expected. We don’t need more cooks at the moment to screw it up. Some additional aid for those still suffering would be excellent, but that’s between Congress and the present President to work out. We only have one President at a time.

It’s hard to see what Covid-19 updates would accomplish. We are experiencing the expected Fall-Winter uptick, but we’re handling it. Biden’s people want a National Mask mandate, but according to an August poll, 75-80+% were already masked-up. The usage is probably higher now. Even if it was Constitutional, putting the few hold-outs in crowded jails is hardly a viable plan. Everything else is being done. For instance, the demand for more and faster tests has been met by today’s announcement of a rapid, inexpensive home test.

Biden has stated he is amenable to lock-downs if the “expert” told him to do it. President Trump has ruled out lock-downs at the national level, so it doesn’t matter right now what Biden and his “experts” conclude.

One could surmise Biden would be allied with the actions of Blue-State officials. New York City just closed down their schools again. Experts the world over, including our own CDC, have come out against school closings. Do we need Biden calling for school closings because his “experts” recommend it during the transition? A critical study in Great Britain recently published in medRxiv found school lock-downs in the UK were a terrible idea. Where is the “science” favoring school closures? Yet, the schools in NYC and other Blue areas are closed. Biden’s failure to stand up for the students must mean he agrees.

Biden talks about fair and quick vaccine distribution. The present government has already set in motion months of distribution planning. The plan is well-publicized and widely available. Millions of people will already be vaccinated by the time Biden is inaugurated. Any review would only slow down vaccine protection. This likely would add to the death toll. Is this what Biden advocates?

With the economy recovering and an end to the pandemic insight, any Biden input at the moment may be counterproductive. Better to let all the election questions be aired in the courts and other public forums. A few weeks of ascertaining the facts will go a long way to prevent myths from poisoning our society.

Both parties can better use this time to determine what the election results indicated going forward. Biden won narrowly by not being Trump. He says he’s a moderate, but what does that mean? The progressives were bested for the Presidential nomination in part because they were divided. Only universal backing by black voters nominated Biden. South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn saved Biden by delivering Black voters. Clyburn did this because he thought Sanders or Warren was not electable. They were too progressive.

If the progressive agenda isn’t the Biden program, what is?
Does Biden reject the far left’s plans, or is he just progressive slow? Biden seems to want to end up in the same place. If we don’t do it too fast, Biden won’t scare everybody. For example, Biden doesn’t want to de-fund the police, just redirect their funds. This is a distinction without a difference. Either way, law enforcement has less money. This at a time when the police need more resources. Police numbers are dwindling.

Biden has to decide if he’s a progressive or not. If he isn’t, what are his policies, and how do they differ. If he’s just left-wing light, he will get nowhere. This would be especially true if the Republicans are successful in the Georgia run-offs. Biden has to determine what he stands for besides puppies and ice cream.

Republicans will have to decide what to discard of Trump-ism and what to retain. Never-Trumpers will want to return to the way it was before Trump descended the on the escalator. That’s a non-starter. These elites are out in the cold and will remain there.

One thing Trump did was stand up to the media rather than seek its approval. With the media dominated by the left, Republicans are never going to get a fair shake. Instead of a John McCain’s ardent pursuit of the press, Trump pushed back.

I’ll never forget The second Obama-Romney debate. There was an intense exchange over the diplomatic murders in Libya. Romney argued the President took far too long to call the act one of terrorism. Obama also failed to take responsibility. Inexplicably, the moderator, Candy Crowly, stepped into the debate. She confirmed that Obama had indeed acknowledged it as an act of terror soon after the tragedy, cutting off Romney’s protests. Her statement was untrue, and she had no business intervening. It was two against one. Romney took it and never recovered.

I think we can all agree on Trump, in the same circumstance, would’ve gone ballistic. Crowley would’ve been the poster child for biased media. Republicans know the difference and will still want leaders with a backbone. Maybe Trump went too far in his behavior, but nobody in the base wants “genteel.”

Trump reached out to those who felt left out and behind. Republicans need to continue to reach out to these people. Further, they need to recognize minorities have many of the same concerns. The working class is the working class. Some progress was made in these areas, but an expanded effort will be good for the party, the people, and the country.

School choice, especially in light of the unnecessary COVID-19 school closings, is an excellent place to start. The school closings hit disadvantaged children hard. Already behind, it made things even worse for these children. In Florida, the Republicans pushed education and won. Being seen as championing our kids is a winning issue.

So let’s chill out and enjoy the Holidays as best we can. The reality of a new administration will come soon enough.

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