According to the media, mask-wearing is America’s political dividing line. With almost religious fervor, those not wearing masks are denounced as killers. With a nearly a 50-50 split in the recent election, the indication in the press is half are following the “Science.” The others are horrible people wildly spreading a mass killer disease—virtue shaming taken to the N-degree. President-elect Biden cites the I.H.M.E. model and predicted tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths by the end of January. Mask-wearing dominates any COVID-19 discussion.

This is strange when one remembers on February 29, the U.S. surgeon general infamously tweeted, “Seriously people – STOP BUYING MASKS. They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus.” Dr. Fauci concurred. The C.D.C. told us that only medical personnel should wear masks. Somehow over the intervening months, the “Science” morphed to everyone should wear masks all the time.

You aren’t alone if you’re confused. I, too, am suffering from whiplash. While not an “expert” as an octogenarian, I have a great interest in anything COVID. I want to share what I found.

Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of significant studies on mask-wearing. A recent study in Denmark apparently is the only one available. The first randomized and controlled study of its kind found an absence of empirical evidence that masks protect people wearing them. However, it apparently did not assess whether they prevent infection of those who encounter the wearer. This is the best info we have, yet we are told we must significantly increase our mask-wearing.  

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