Better to Take Our Time

The 2020 election is winding down. As it should be, canvassing and recounts are taking place. An election with an enormous increase in mail-in ballots with many states using methods for the first time was bound to be suspect. Add a very close election when all the polls predicted a “Blue Wave,” and you have questions. Of course, rumors will fly. Understandably, the likely winners want the losers to concede. Still, it is far more critical the nation is assured the election was fair. If this takes a little more time, it will prove to be best for the country. If Trump has questions, this is the time for answers.

If we don’t establish the truth and get it out quickly, we end up with Ferguson type myths. Even though subsequent investigations determined Michael Brown was the author of his own death, a false narrative in the interim gained currency. The legend lives on today. Black Lives Matter was born in the flames of a burning Ferguson, Mo on the lie Michael Brown was criminally shot by a cop. “Hands up don’t Shoot” Michel Brown’s supposed last words are still heard. Michael Brown’s name is used to justify further unrest. Of course, none of it was ever real. The false narrative was off in the running before the truth could be determined and communicated.

How deeply has the false Ferguson Narrative dug in? Recently Shelby Steele, a scholar at the Hoover Institution, and his filmmaker son Eli released their documentary “What Killed Michael Brown?.” A solid exposition of what actually happened in Ferguson and its ramifications. Hard to believe, but Amazon Prime initially refused to distribute the film. According to Shelby Steele, Amazon “contributed $10 million to Black Lives Matter.”

Maybe Amazon had a problem with the movie’s content. Eli Steele tells us,” There are four criteria in order to go into content review. We didn’t meet any of the four criteria. So it has to be something else.” Eventually, the documentary was cleared and is now available on Amazon Prime. A highly respected black scholar was put through hoops before his work was available at the monster merchant.

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