“Healthcare is Complicated”

Donald Trump has declared  Healthcare is Complicated.  Who knew? As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to crumble and Republicans can’t agree on a coherent replacement, a crisis of some sort is in the offing. This is what happens when you ignore health care’s relationship to personal finance and the basic principles of insurance. Suddenly, we are all aware pre-existing conditions is a huge stumbling block. It’s the reef wrecking all the offered solutions. The ACA’s solution was to try to force healthy young people to greatly overpay for health insurance in order to bail out insurance companies forced to insure sinking ships. This violates every principle of insurance.  No wonder the ACA in a death spiral. You’d think the Republicans after eight years would’ve come up with something better, but not these geniuses.  When you have a problem, solve the it without making new and potentially bigger problems. Face up to pre-existing conditions.

Dave’s Plan (series under Dave’s plan to fix the ACA starting in 2014) is the only plan biting the bullet and ultimately eliminating the problem. First of all, covering pre-existing conditions costs money, lots of it.  Expecting young people just starting out in their careers and raising  families to pay for older sick people along with their student loans is let’s face it is insane. The only reason anyone would propose such a noxious solution is the political fact young people don’t vote in the numbers as older people. They forgot people also vote with their dollars and healthy young people didn’t sign up to be screwed under the ACA. Now the political class on both side of the aisle are faced with increasing the penalties on the young if they don’t buy overpriced policies and risking a revolt of the young bringing into question not only the ACA but Social Security and Medicare. They’re burdened with paying for these but they may not be there when they get old.  Millennials are the largest group in our population. Do politicians really want to piss them off and politicize the young? Better to face the problem up front and pay for it directly and eliminate it in the future.

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