A Visitor

The saucer rolls to a stop on the campus of UNAM and out pops a young space traveler. Approaching a group , the stranger addresses them”Hi, I’m Alexis from the planet Intellection. I’ve come here to the health conference to gather information for an inter-galaxy health report.”

The nearest person answers graciously, “Glad to meet you. I’m Jane Philpott, Canadian Minister of Health. What can I help you with?”

Alexis:Tell me about your health care system

Jane: Gladly. We have great system. Single payer Universal Heath Care we’re very proud of. Everyone is well taken care of and happy with it.

Alexis: A Government sponsored closed system with no need to go elsewhere then?

Jane: Well, not quite. It used to be that way but some people got upset with waiting times and having to go to the United States for faster care, so they sued. Now we also have higher cost Private clinics.

Alexis: If they sued maybe some weren’t so happy. So you have a two tier system where the rich can pay to get better service but all the others have to go along with whatever is given?

Jane: Well, only a few wealthy people are out of the system

Alexis turns to another in the group and asks “who are you?” The man Answers,”Hayek Friedman from Imaginarium.”  “What system does your country use” queries Alexis.

Hayek: We use Dave’s Plan.

Alexis: Describe please.

Hayak: Everyone has a Personal Benefits Account (PBA) A minimum of 10%, with a 2017 $28,000 maximum, of  everyone’s income is deposited in the account along with any government support funds for the lower-income. As an incentive Employers can also deposit matching funds . Each account purchases a catastrophic health care policy and the first $10,000 is invested in a government enhanced liquid fund to pay for any medical costs up to where the Catastrophic policy kicks in. Beyond that you invest the rest as you wish to secure a better future.

Alexis: How do they access their funds to pay providers?

Hayek: With the PBA associated credit card.

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