Paging Mr. Magoo

Our morning email inviting us to read the latest Washington Post Opinions led us to the erudite Marc A. Thiessen’s  latest column “The Election is a Train Wreck.” In it he cites the erudite Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens’s conclusion that in light of Trumps numerous transgressions one couldn’t possibly vote for him as he “morally unfit for any office, high or low.” Without any challenge to Stephen’s position, Thiessen countered that “That Hillary Clinton is also morally unfit for any  office, high or low’. He likened it the dilemma of seeing speeding train headed bearing down on unsuspecting workers. You could pull a switch lever but that would divert the train onto a relative, ultimately summing up the choice between one set policy and appointment horrors against the another. He especially pointed to the supreme court as his greatest terror. He sums it all up:

Instead of five unsuspecting track workers, imagine there are five unsuspecting nuns in the path of the hurtling train. Do you pull the lever, and kill a relative, in order to save the Little Sisters of the Poor?

That’s the awful choice we face on Nov. 8.

An interesting mental exercise, but it only applicable with Thiessen’s  Myopia. If he would look around he’d find another lever. One if pulled would do far less damage to policy or appointments. In fact many would say it would save the day, especially with court appointments and the judiciary. We know Hillary would appoint ultra liberal judges. Trump says he would appoint limited government judges but with Trump who knows? More importantly would he accept rulings he which disagrees or attack the court provoking a constitutional  crisis. No question on this. He already has done it with the Trump University case judge. Want a real horror story, imagine what would happen to a judiciary that ruled against Trump when he had the power of the presidency.  The other lever, the Gary Johnson-William Weld ticket could absolutely be counted on to appoint limited government judges .After all it’s at the heart of libretarianism.  We know that Thiessen and Stephens disagree with Johson-Weld on certain cultural and National Defense issues, but we ask them to imagine this scenario, instead of Trump, Gary Johnson swept the Republican primaries and won the nomination. Would they be “Never Johnson” or would they see their way to supporting him? We think they would  pull that lever.The real question is why such erudite writers can only see a world with only the decrepit Republican and Democratic parties?

Myopia is also evident in the “Never Trumpers” who have already crossed the Rubicon and announced they’re with Hillary. In their haste to insure an overwhelming Trump defeat they take the chance of throwing out the proverbial baby with the bath. That landslide would likely bury any hope of the Republicans retaining control of the senate and even endanger control of the house. Do these “party leaders” really want a repeat of the first two Obama years? Have they really thought this through? They might split their ballots but once you have led your followers to vote for the other side the history of landslides says a lot of them will stay there for the down ballot. Given the likelihood of a Clinton Victory, it would be far safer to vote Johnson-Weld. With no down ticket, no psychological rivers would be crossed. Just a little creek easily recrossed. Clinton probably doesn’t need your vote and the votes of your supporters , but those Senators and congressmen need them desperately. Do you really want Clinton in total control? In any case how do you ever recross the river? Maybe it’s time for a trip to the ophthalmologist.

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