Paging Mr. Magoo

Our morning email inviting us to read the latest Washington Post Opinions led us to the erudite Marc A. Thiessen’s  latest column “The Election is a Train Wreck.” In it he cites the erudite Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens’s conclusion that in light of Trumps numerous transgressions one couldn’t possibly vote for him as he “morally unfit for any office, high or low.” Without any challenge to Stephen’s position, Thiessen countered that “That Hillary Clinton is also morally unfit for any  office, high or low’. He likened it the dilemma of seeing speeding train headed bearing down on unsuspecting workers. You could pull a switch lever but that would divert the train onto a relative, ultimately summing up the choice between one set policy and appointment horrors against the another. He especially pointed to the supreme court as his greatest terror. He sums it all up:

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