Thinking about government’s relationship to its citizens especially in these times, we remembered some memorable lines Marlon Brando spoke as Mexican revolutionary  leader Emiliano Zapata in the movie “Viva Zapata”

….You’ve always looked for leaders.  Strong men without faults.  There aren’t any.  They’re only men – like yourselves.  They change, they desert, they die.  There are no leaders but yourselves.  A strong people is the only lasting strength! …..That’s how things really change – slowly through people.  They don’t need me anymore.  A strong man makes a weak people.  Strong people, don’t need a strong man.

We have had the good fortune through our inherited English common law and our constitution for individuals in the United States to enjoy the protections and freedoms that have enabled us to bring about unprecedented “More”.  An expansive open home market and “Yankee” traders abroad led to a rising standard of living. Never perfect (for instance just think about slavery), we have moved forward in our irregular fashion enhancing the abilities of each and every individual to achieve the best that’s in them. While this may always be a work in progress, we must first avoid backsliding while implementing ways to ever strengthen individuals.

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