A short OP-ED in the Wall Street Journal got me thinking and may keep me awake at night. “Some Crazy ideas Are Deadly Serious,” by J. Budziszewski, talks about some things taught at Universities today that might be laughable if they didn’t have serious consequences. “You can’t be serious. Nobody can possibly believe that men can get pregnant or that Lincoln was in favor of slavery!” Yet, these are things spread across the intelligentsia.

While many advanced nations question youth transitioning, our medical community continues pushing these potentially dangerous treatments. Children are taking life-altering drugs and having irreversible surgeries in the vain hope changing their sex will solve their problems. Whatever happened to “first do no harm.”

Across the nation, we teach a patently false slavery narrative based on the New York Times “1619 Project.” Rather than fostering a better understanding of slavery in the U.S. and abroad, this warped view of slavery has significantly increased divisions. Again, we are putting our children in the middle of a controversy. 

People in essential parts of Academia, Media, businesses, and Government are there based on their supposed intelligence and knowledge. If these dangers are apparent, why do so many highly educated align with false positions? Pleading ignorance doesn’t wash.

Why do so many elites disregard the scientific method, our standards, the Hippocratic oath, and reason? Their actions fly in the face of what we perceive as the point of education. Ignoring facts and data or, worse, suppressing them goes against everything we’ve learned about how to approach problems. 

The result of the people inhabiting our major institutions acting in opposition to what they know is proper is to diminish our faith in those organizations. If Dr. Fauci, the New York Times, many scientists and medical people writing in the journal Lancet, and a slew of retired intelligence officers, among others, knowingly ignore principles to mislead us, everything becomes suspect. Only instability can follow. Can this be their objective?

Educated people make up The Chinese Communist Party. They know much of what they spout is false, but they fall in line to maintain or raise their status. Even the rich and successful can fail if they get crossways with the party and its leader. You might ask billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma, but he may be unable to answer.

Could the same thing be happening here? While progressive professors gain tenure at our prestigious universities, some with contrary views a shouted down or denied forums. Print OP-EDs progressives disagree and lose your Editor job at the New York times. Utter something progressives see as wrong, even if correct or in humor, and lose your job.

Have we traveled much further down the road to a China-like one-party state than we realize? Do I feel I can’t speak my mind for fear of retribution? Is it safer to go along with the approved narrative than point out its flaws? If I do a solid job promoting the approved program, will I be nurtured and given honors? Should Americans ever be faced with these questions?

What can we do to reverse this slide into an Orwellian nightmare? First, realize what is happening, then support people and candidates brave enough to stand up. The candidate should not only be against those lacking character but have a plan to weed out those pushing false narratives and nonsense. For instance, a good test for Governors is whether the Teachers union set education policy. Successful Governors master rather than being controlled.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), China will use it to extend Party control. Information will be closely linked to AI, but remember, “garbage in, garbage out,” meaning AI will be biased in China. Don’t let it happen here. 

A claim generated by humans or AI is subject to objection. We know both make errors. You see an inaccuracy and counter with links to your facts and data. The challenge system I offered as a cure for Twitter should work even with AI. Once challenged, move both to the challenge area. A clock started to encourage a timely defense. It may end there if no one defends the original claim or the back and forth continues. Either way, we are enlightened. 

People making false narratives or programming bias into Ai will think twice if they know they face immediate challenges and must defend or concede. We might even see clashes of competing AIs. 

Who will determine our future? People who prefer to keep their heads down and avoid rocking the boat or those using their minds to find the best. As I pointed out in the “Long Journey to More,” innovative charge has led us to the cusp of “Super Abundance.” 

However, change constantly threatens some. The great economist Joseph Schumpeter called this “creative destruction.” The automobile is a leap forward but hurts those in horse-aligned businesses. New wealth threatens the old. If those fearing change control government, they can direct resources from supporting change to their supporters.

In the 15th Century, China’s Ming Dynasty led the world in innovation and trade, but leadership fearing disorder, turned inward. Fragmented but innovative and competitive Europe instead led us forward.

Repression always is a feature of states devaluing truth and progress. Today we see the same thing happening in the decline of Cuba and Venezuela. Russia and China will join them in their backward journeys.

Those seeking to maintain status above all else always use the power of Government to achieve their ends. Our job is to deny them this tool while taming it to serve a better future. We can be true to our founding or add to those in darkness. Know who you’re dealing with when encountering those uttering falsehoods they know to be untrue.

One thought on “Character

  1. The President of Venezuela has said something to the effect, don’t talk to us about our democracy, look at what’s happening in the United States. We’re being schooled by Venezuela. It’s time to have our eyes wide open and our brains on alert. Everything you laid out is happening. They are farther along in the plan to crash America and remake it into some form of socialism/communism than most of us thought. It’s why it always feels like the Twilight Zone… our present day “leaders” spout lies as if they’ve been truths since time began. That’s a tool of marxists.

    Now that we are aware and hopefully fully engaged, using our brains on the topic of who the hell is running our country, the antidote IS to use our vote to get better people, people who believe in the U. S. Constitution, into office. Let’s just hope they haven’t infiltrated our voting systems as they have our education, medicine, justice and to some extent judiciary. (That’s tongue in cheek; they already have.)


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