We’ve Been Had 

Having taken successful action to improve the standing of weak Trump-backed candidates in primaries to their advantage, it makes sense to apply the strategy to Trump himself. The former president’s entry into the ’24 race was a yawn. Big donors are looking for fresh, younger blood leaving Trump light on funds.

The Democrats ride to the rescue. It would be too obvious to run pro-Trump ads, but making him a martyr forces Republicans to rally around him and enraged MAGA voters cough up donations. This ploy is a variation of a theme with the same goal, running against the weakest candidate. How else can you explain Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Trump indictment?

When legal writers on the left explain why this is a terrible case, you know it’s a loser. It comes across as a petty persecution rather than a prosecution. Perfect to further Democrat aims.

Bragg’s Trump indictment resulted in Trump soaring in the polls and millions of dollars filling the coffers. The money has enabled Trump to flood the airways with negative ads on his nearest competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In one hour of watching the Wall Street Journal Editorial Report, I saw an anti-Desantis ad three times.

Meanwhile, my Smartnews feed always has several anti-DeSantis articles. It isn’t hard to figure out who Biden, Democrats, and their media allies don’t want to run against. While not directly aiding the Trump campaign, the result is the same.

This unspoken alliance is working the same way as in the past. Akin loved McCaskill’s help, and Trump now loves Bragg’s lifesaver. So long as the case continues, Trump sucks all the air out of the Republican primary. It puts him in a position to win. Then the Democrats get the candidate they have the best chance of beating. The only people getting it in the neck are the Republicans.

After this case falls apart next year, Trump will still face more substantial charges, weakening him after he wins the nomination. The public may tire of the Trump circus. Why lead with the weakest point when the document’s case is much more significant? If you don’t think the Democrats and their media allies can coordinate, remember it took fewer than 48 hrs to get over fifty former intelligence people to sign a phony letter dissing the NY Posts Hunter Biden Laptop story and bring it into the media.

It’s the beginning of May. If you don’t think Trump is supporting stringing the case out as long as possible, ask yourself why his attorneys said nothing while the Judge continued the case to December. Given the Constitutional and statute of limitation problems with the case, they should demand a dismissal now. Yet we hear nothing. Tossing the case ends Trump, the martyr. Long live the martyr is the aim of his lawyers.

Republican leaders can end the Trump-Democratic charade by loudly demanding to know why the Trump lawyers are so passive. The indictment, on its face, is unconstitutional. The 6th Amendment says the accused be “…informed of the nature and cause of the accusation.” Nothing in the indictment tells us the alleged felony. Should you expect your attorney to attack this low-hanging fruit immediately? Of course, but they didn’t.

A speedy and resounding dismissal prevents what Law Professor at Fordham and Boston University, Jed Handelsman Shugarman, terms a “disaster” he sees as “…a setback for the rule of law and a dangerous precedent for prosecutors.” Quickly doing away with this case not only helps Republicans but prevents the nation from moving in a dangerous direction.

Will Republicans ever counter this tactic that has already cost it so much? Failure to expose Trump as today’s Todd Akin will likely result in another self-inflicted election defeat.

On the other hand, what if Republicans and others blow up this abomination and the Democrats lose this tactic? They may have to spend their energy and resources finding better candidates. They’re stuck with old error-prone Joe Biden because they have no one else. At present, the Democratic party is a talent desert. Hence, the all-out push to run against the weakest candidate.

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