A Nation Of Charlie Browns

To give Joe Biden victories in the coming election, most Americans will have to become Charlie Brown. The ever-optimistic Peanuts character believes Lucy won’t pull the football away when he tries to kick it. Charlie never gets Lucy’s character. He always ends up on his back.

Since Joe Biden has been in politics and even earlier, he has s had an estrangement with the truth. Finding the plagiarized British socialist leader Neil Kinnock’s speeches derailed his earlier presidential run. Stealing another man’s work aligns with Joe’s lack of ethics.

Biden has led us to believe he came from a Scranton, Pa., blue-collar family. Joe’s father grew up well off. He had a white-collar managerial job in Scranton. A down period for the family followed World War II, but it didn’t last long enough that Joe couldn’t attend a top-notch Catholic School. Rather than an economic struggle, Joe had cars to chauffeur friends and dates. His father had become a top used-car salesman. 

Joe claimed he had a stellar undergraduate career. None of it was true. He was in the top half of his law school class. 76th out of 85 is far from the top half. One of the reasons for the low standing was he was found to have plagiarized a law review article.

With this background, the idea that Joe would use his position to sell influence doesn’t seem far-fetched. The Biden family, including Joe, benefitted from routing payments through his son. Hunter. Of course, Joe claimed he never discussed “business” with his son.

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