Returning to An Alternate Universe

Since returning to the States from a trip abroad, I’ve had this weird feeling things aren’t right. Instead of people acting rationally, the opposite is true. Take the recent inflation victory party on the White House lawn. While the administration was lauding the passage of “The Inflation Reduction Act,” we saw split-screen evidence inflation is still going strong. The market was dropping a whopping 1,200+ points in anticipation that the Federal Reserve had no choice but to jack interest much higher or lose control. 

What were the revelers celebrating? There’s the $300+ billion in programs and subsidies for the “Green New Deal” that, as others have pointed out, don’t do anything to lower the earth’s temperature. The bill caps some medical costs, but price controls always end up costing more down the road. Neutral observers have noted the law does not reduce our present inflation problem. 

In the face of hard evidence, some believe we must spend these vast sums to save the planet. They claim to see doom if we don’t accept all their proposals. But this argument rings hollow. If you thought the earth was in immediate danger and things might not move fast enough to stave off disaster, wouldn’t you be looking for a plan B? After all, we’re facing extinction. What if temperatures start quickly rising as they predict? Shouldn’t we be looking for a backup action?

 Some people think this would be prudent. Solar geoengineering creating a planetary sunshade isn’t a new idea. A team of Harvard Researchers wanted to experiment with calcium carbonate over a Swedish Space facility. A decade earlier, British Researchers wished to do a similar experiment. Neither got off the ground due to massive opposition from the green crowd. What could [ossibly arouse such hostility? Some dust in the atmosphere can provide cooling at a very reasonable price. If we’re about to become extinct, entertaining some ideas that might save us is a good idea.

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