Observations Before Thanksgiving

Several things have occurred that have struck me as strange or funny. Some commentators have called attention to Kyle Rittenhouse’s possession of an AR-15 rifle. They claim a seventeen-year-old should never have such a lethal weapon—way too much gun for someone so young. When one joins the U.S. Army, they’re assigned an AR-16, the automatic version of the semi-automatic AR-15. Of course, you can join up at seventeen. Isn’t Rittenhouse the type of young person rushing to sign up at the recruiting station in a crisis?

Listening to the repeated background gunshots on the videos of the night in question, it’s obvious Rittenhouse wasn’t the only one bringing and firing a firearm. 

Many qualified people have commented on the legal aspects of the case, and most concluded it was a fair trial with a just verdict. The only thing I’d like to add is that it creates a vacuum when you restrain law enforcement from protecting people and property. This situation draws in vigilantes to stem the chaos. Don’t want people taking the law into their own hands; let the people you hired to protect the community do their job. If the police had prevented the mass destruction of property, would any of this happen?

Is it me, or do the Administrations’s medical spokespeople sound panicked over an uptick in Covid cases? Has no one noticed hospitalizations have hardly moved, and deaths are flat? Remember, government intervention initially was to keep our medical facilities from being overwhelmed. We don’t panic over the common cold or the flu. Yet, they tell us unless we vaccinate everyone multiple times, we’re all doomed. 

Do moderate Democrats in the House and Senate think the Infrastructure Bill will save their jobs in the ’22 election? If they vote for the “Build Back Better” bill, they must think inflation is going away soon. With rents, wages, fuel, and housing costs still rising, the upward spiral is more likely to continue well into the new year and beyond. Voters will remember who threw another big log on the fire. Don’t these legislators know the generous unemployment benefits have ended?

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