Last Week

The week proved to be more eventful than even I envisioned. One big takeaway for me, education is becoming a major battlefield. In Virginia, parents had a chance to see what and how teaching occurred in their schools during the pandemic. Many were shocked. Without in-person learning, parents had to jump in. They found teachers and administrators didn’t put their students first. The U.S. spends the most on education but lags behind our competitors. Parents want the best for their children, but the teacher’s unions and school administrators have very different interests. 

We could have endless trench warfare with the vested interests or put the power in the hands of the children’s best advocates -their parents. Now is the time to move to a voucher system. Educators competing with their best for the vouchers can foster innovation and better outcomes for our kids.

With so many of our children falling behind due to school closings, we can’t waste more time. Give parents the power to find the best solutions for their kids. Deregulate now with vouchers before we fall further behind. This problem is both a societal and national security crisis. Awareness is coming none too soon.

I sense the delicate hand of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel at work in the House passing the long-delayed Infrastructure Bill. Surprisingly, Republicans provided the winning margin. Senator Joe Manchin holds a deciding vote in a 50-50 Senate. Without his approval, the filibuster stays. Any further legislation such as the wildly expensive “Build Back Better” is dead or greatly diminished without him. He wanted the Infrastructure Bill, and Mitch wanted to keep the filibuster and no more social engineering bills. If “Build Back Better” is either scuttled or cut down to a shell, it’s probably a sign of a deal between the two wily old two Senators. Both get what they want, and some Republicans in toss-up areas get to show their bipartisanship. 

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