It Makes My Head Hurt

We have stellar examples of how not to problems with the end of the Glasgow doomsday conflab and the announcement of the administration’s green plans. As stated before, you sell people by listening to their questions and resolving objections. The rich western nations led by the U.S. insist on telling the developing world they must use preferred renewable energy sources, wind and solar, to power growth. If poorer countries want help and financing for energy projects, don’t deviate. However, Africans favor natural gas and thermal projects to power much-needed economic development.

Africa and the other developing areas see Europe’s energy turmoil brought on by unreliable wind and solar and ask if these aren’t working for you, why should we follow? The real question is, why have we narrowed our solutions?

If we look at the recently passed infrastructure bill and the administration announced plans to build offshore windmills up and down our coasts, we see the plan to power America in the future. Windmills and solar panels power homes, industry, and electric transport. Oh, sure, they give lip service to other possibilities but have you seen a new nuclear, hydrogen, or thermal plant come online lately. Anything scheduled for next year? 

By the time new ideas are ripe for broad implementation, entrenched wind and solar-powered electricity will be well protected by stakeholders better known as crony capitalists. It’s nearly impossible to reverse once the politicians team up with special interests. Why else are we still burning corn in our gas tanks? 

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