The Irrelevant Party

With everyone now aware of the administration’s ineptitude, I have no reason to pile on. I predicted the problems in my 3/20 post, “the Dog ate Biden’s Homework.” After two months, it was clear that the bunch hadn’t put in the work to anticipate the results of their actions or lack of effort. Constantly being caught off-guard is the hallmark of Biden and friends. People are taking a hard look at his crew and are shocked. Unless Biden can pull a Bill Clinton and do a 180, all we can expect is more of the same. We all know Bill Clinton, and Biden is no Bill Clinton. 

Jonah Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of the Dispatch, caught my eye by suggesting a new third party to cause the Trump-dominated Republicans some pain. It would consist of those conservatives that never found any redeeming qualities in the Trump administration. Most voted for Biden. Goldberg credits “never Trumpers” as providing Biden’s margin of victory in tossup states such as Wisconsin.  

In the last election, those opposing Trump sold Biden to America as a competent centrist. This line worked in 2020 but is unlikely to be the case in 2022 or 2024. In less than nine months, this profile of our president looks like a fairy tale. 

The bulk of the never-Trump group is long-time Washington hands. They had to be aware of Biden’s mental and ethical deficiencies yet stayed silent. They never acknowledged the harm done by “Russia-gate” falsehood. Even though Trump appointed the most conservative judges ever and passed tax reform leading to a strong economy, he was unacceptable to these “conservatives.” Trimming regulations and fostering our energy independence made no impression. 

I have had policy differences with Trump. Tariffs, immigration, and withdrawing all troops from Syria and Afghanistan come to mind. That pales compared to Biden’s nine-month record of getting everything wrong.

Trump came to power mainly because he voiced Americans feeling disrespected and ignored by the nation’s elites. They see Media, academia, and the highly educated ooze distaste for them. Trump stood up when other Republicans gave tepid lip service. 

The “never Trumpers” are members of these elite groups and appear to have more in common with this class than with the average American. Their widespread support of Biden has cost them credibility. 

A new breed of Republican leader has come to the fore. GOP governors hit right back in the Trump mold instead of appearing to cower before the media like George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis always has his data handy to justify his actions. Yet, the never Trumpers fail to support the up and comers. They see them as tainted by Trump. 

Their actions have made them a strange group to create a new party. As readers of this blog know, I’ve long been in favor of a new party. My series on “the Future Party” looked to provide another choice to middle America. Trump derangement syndrome isn’t an objective basis for a third party, but I also learned just providing another option won’t work either. 

A new party or a reform of an existing party provides policies fixing our real problems. We spend more on healthcare, education, and the military than anyone else but fail to get the proper bang for the buck. Our capitalist economic system has provided wealth beyond the dreams of a few centuries ago, yet too many of our citizens don’t fully participate. We do little even to educate our people on how it works. Market set prices get the best response, but the government is forever trying to interfere.

The party coming up with workable solutions to these problems will enhance every citizen’s ability to succeed. Both Republicans and Democrats have sought to solve problems by throwing bales of money at them. The result has been little gain and rising inflation. It’s as if we learned nothing from ’70s. Introducing more market decisions into the mix will bring much greater efficiency and better results.

I’ve pushed Dave’s plan for healthcare and savings and vouchers for schools to bring choice to each citizen. The objective is to enable people to create their own prosperity. Taking wealth from one person to give it to another only leads to poverty. Devaluing education makes us less competent. Market-based choices will empower us to move forward. 

Instead of founding your party on blocking those you find distasteful; maybe the Jonah Goldbergs of the world could work harder to find workable solutions to improve American citizens’ lives.

What if someone like Florida’s effective and competent Ron DeSantis is the Republican nominee? Would the Goldlberg party work to undermine him simply because Trump supporters favor him? On the other hand, probably no one would care. Trump is gone, and the Democrats are running on the Biden record. Policies and competence matter. The Goldberg party’s irrelevance is exposed. 

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