Child or Adult

I always thought the United States was a child of the “Age of Reason.” This intellectual and cultural movement emphasized reason over superstition and science over blind faith in the eighteenth century.  Rational decisions and thoughts are based on logic rather than on emotion. Using our minds in a disciplined and coherent fashion is the way to superior results. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution with its Bill of rights are examples of this truth. 

Maybe you, too, have found yourself looking at or hearing something and thinking, this argument or action makes no sense. A queasy stomach or a headache may accompany your confusion. Several tummy turners have occurred recently.

Because of vaccine mandates, many people must take shots they don’t want and may not need or lose their jobs. This situation comes at a time when we are experiencing a severe labor shortage. With supply curtailed, inflation is a real problem. The first responders and health workers pushed out of their jobs make us less safe. The theory behind the mandate is to protect the vulnerable.

The mandate people point to the death of the elderly and severely immune-compromised Colin Powell to prove everyone needs to be vaccinated. An unvaccinated carrier infected and killed Powell. The only way we can protect the compromised is to vaccinate everyone.

This theory is nonsense. We know even the vaccinated can carry Covid. The compromised are in the most danger, even though they’re vaccinated. They may be unable to maintain a strong antibody response. This problem was why Gov. DeSantis of Florida blanketed the state with Monoclonal Antibody centers to provide immunity-boosting infusions.

Tackle the situation where it is. Discussing the vaccinated Powell’s death on CBS’s Face the Nation, former CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden proposed we infuse those on immune suppressants and with other immune problems prophylactically. I know if I couldn’t preserve enough antibodies, I’d take this option.

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