Birth of a Lie

Recently, I wrote of Biden’s proposed Covid-19 solutions to problems already well on their way to being solved or were inflicted on us by Biden’s allies, the teacher’s unions, and the educational establishment. President Biden means with the help of his media allies to claim he defeated the virus. A Big lie is in the making.

It helps to see exactly where we were on Inauguration Day. The facts are, the virus has passed its apogee and is receding. Vaccine distribution is already on the pace to exceed 100 million doses in his first hundred days. The charts from 1/20 from Johns Hopkins and numbers from the CDC serve as base points.

As you can see, cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and test positivity on Inauguration Day are all heading down. The results were with record-high testing. I think the highs in these areas have passed, and we have seen the worst of the epidemic. It may be the result of mask-wearing and distancing being widespread. Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Marty Makary points to the beginning of herd immunity. Remember, we get this state when a significant percentage of the populace has had the virus, is vaccinated, or some combination of the two. While only 15 million are vaccinated, some have estimated up to a third of us have had the virus. Some people may have T-Cell immunity. The combination makes even this easy spreader’s job harder. The downtrends will only get more pronounced as people are vaccinated.

I predicted by 1/20, 15 million people inoculated. The total doses administered on that day were over one million. As forecasted, this rate meets Biden’s 100 million doses by the end of his first hundred days. With the infrastructure already in place to deliver a million shots a day, our delivery ability will only expand. Every day more inoculation locations are coming online. The only thing that might hold us back from far surpassing this goal is the vaccines’ timely delivery.

People might forget that Operation Warp Speed wasn’t about just the two vaccines we presently have. The Trump administration also invested in others. The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine is already vaccinating millions in the U.K. and Europe. Mid-April approval in the expected. However, overseas success could speed up the timetable. Because it needs less special handling, it’s easier to distribute.

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