Words For Me, But Not For Thee

New year’s week is the time of year when it is traditional to look at the upcoming year. Because of the great importance of the Georgia Senate elections, it seems prudent to wait until we see the outcome. If the Republicans win one or both, Mitch McConnell will be a significant force. With the master legislative leader in charge of the Senate, getting much of anything done in Washington will need his approval. Joe and Mitch will share Capital leadership. A GOP loss of both Senate seats would allow President Biden and the Democrats much more leeway to enact their program. Predictions and comments are best to put off till after Jan. 5. 

I’ll take this time to discuss something that recently came to my attention. Perhaps, you’ve read or heard of a New York Times story about a young girl tossed off the Tennessee cheerleading squad and forced out of the University. All because as a 15yr. Old, she posted a three-second video waving a paper and saying, “I got my learners permit N-word.” Years later, when she entered the University, a former classmate posted the clip all over the internet. The bi-racial young man said he did it “to teach her a lesson.”

Using racial or ethnic epithets are cruel and inflicts pain. I don’t find Jews being called “Slavers” by Louis Farrakhan exchanging pleasantries. This kind of thing has no place in a civilized society. Good manners avoid hurt feelings. But does it apply in this situation?

The high-school freshman posting the video wasn’t using the F-word out of meanness or cruelty. She was using it in a happy announcement of her learner’s permit. Where did she ever get the idea the F-word was in any way upbeat?

It may come as a surprise to some that white kids are big consumers of Rap music. Rap musicians wouldn’t be making near as much if they only appealed to minorities. A lot of white kids think Rap is with it, maybe a little subversive. Rap is all about the words, and the F-word is prominent in the music. If you think rap is cool, it’s because you believe the lyrics are cool.  

Can you think of any music where you could have your life destroyed simply by uttering some of its lyrics? Maybe in a totalitarian state, an anti-government song could get you in trouble, but a single word?

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