The Wallace Method

Chris Wallace has given us great insight into how narratives are taken as facts. I’m sure he had no intention of doing so, but nevertheless group think has invaded the mind of our best interviewer. Maybe it was always in residence. A couple of posts ago, Books and Biden, I noted Wallace questioned the appointment, Dr. Scott Atlas. I wrote, “on his recent Sunday program, he questioned Dr. Atlas’s addition to the President’s coronavirus staff. What could a neuroradiologist have to offer in a pandemic?” I pointed out it was a strangely uninformed statement. Dr. Atlas is a respected national expert on public-health policy. He’s advised national leaders, including the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. Going back to March and April, I explained we lacked someone to provide a broader perspective to severe lockdowns. Someone to offer real cost-benefit analysis. Had that person or persons been present initially, maybe some of the destructive excesses of the lockdowns might have been avoided.

The idea Wallace’s characterization was an uninformed one-off statement now is out the window. He again commented on Dr. Atlas to Sandra Smith on Fox’s America’s newsroom concerning Dr. Atlas’ statement, ” ‘I anticipate a complete, and full, and rapid recovery back to normal after his necessary confinement period,'” Smith said, quoting Atlas. “‘I anticipate [Trump] will be back on the road in full swing. He is a very, very healthy guy and the overwhelming majority of people even at his age do fine with this'”

To this, Wallace barked, “I’m going to say something. And folks, I’m just trying to give you the truth,” Wallace continued. “Dr. Scott Atlas is not an epidemiologist, is not an infectious disease specialist. He has no training in this area at all. There are a number of top people on the President’s coronavirus task force who have had grave concerns about Scott Atlas and his scientific bona fides…Listen to people like Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx — who have been largely cut off. Listen to the independent people who do not have a political axe to grind. And I, frankly, don’t think Scott Atlas is one of those people.”

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