As We Approach the End

Here we are, a week from election day. It probably crossed the mind of each of the Presidential candidates they could lose. Both are probably asking themselves, how could I lose to this guy? That each candidate is highly flawed is no secret. Readers of this blog know I have not been Donald Trump’s biggest fan. Some of his policies, such as trade and immigration, I find self-defeating. Trump is a man unable to play well with others, even when it’s to his benefit. He has made enemies of many who might’ve helped widen his appeal. He speaks endlessly when it would profit him to let others do the talking. This was surely true of his COVID-19 updates.

Yet, much to my surprise, he has delivered on most of his campaign promises. A Mitt Romney would’ve been proud of the record of cutting taxes, reigning in regulations, filling the courts with originalist judges, and rebuilding our military. On policy and results, he’s a pretty good Republican.

If it weren’t for the Corona-virus, Trump would’ve been a solid bet for re-election. As I’ve noted, Trump’s actions on the virus have been uneven. Still, in less than a year, we may have a vaccine. With better methods and therapeutics, deaths have been stabilized even in the face of rising case levels. The new treatments have been put into practice in record time. Trump has joined most of the rest of the world in realizing lockdowns aren’t the answer. When we look at Trump’s performance, we again have to ask, compared to what?

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