You Talking to Me?

You say I have “White Privilege.” You claim all the nation’s wealth is based on slave labor. We all need to make a sizable wealth transfer to Blacks to make amends. I don’t know, my ancestors came to this country well after the civil war. They came from countries where life wasn’t any walk in a park. Freedom and advancement just didn’t exist there for them. So they took a big chance and found some spots in steerage and came to the place where they were free to improve their lot in life. They never owned slaves or even lived south the Mason Dixon Line until some retired in Florida. They supported the NAACP and actively participated in civil rights activities. All were proud of the part our then-Senator Everett Dirksen played in the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. Yet, that isn’t enough, you’re white so you’re responsible for all the bad things in the lives of Blacks. You tell us the Declaration of Independence and Constitution my forebearers studied to become citizens, are bogus documents written by frauds. Well, those immigrants didn’t come to a place they thought was perfect, only the one place they knew they would have a chance to succeed. Those “frauds” and what they created may not have been perfect but it was good enough to give a better life to millions from all over the world. People who realized it was better here than where they came from. To this day far more people of all backgrounds, races, and religions want in than ever leave the US.

My ancestors came to a place where they didn’t have to watch every word they said. Here you had free speech. They could say bad things about leaders and still, keep their freedom and their lives. Now you tell us we can’t offend anyone. People need safe places where they are protected from offending ideas. Universities, where ideas should be espoused and debated, should now ban “unpopular” beliefs. Those with offending ideas need shouted down and driven off.

“Innocent till proven guilty” wasn’t a concept much honored where my ancestors came from, so it was something they cherished. This protected them. This basic legal principle suddenly seems out of favor with you. You say some people must be believed even if they present zero evidence. If you run afoul of a member of one of these must be believed groups, you’re guilty, and that’s it. You may have lead an exemplary life, but if a woman says you attacked her sometime in the dim past, you must be punished even though no evidence is ever presented. After all, women never lie about such things.

The truth was something we always sought. With you, not so much. You tell us a policeman shooting a violent attacker, is a murderer even if investigations at every level said it was a good shooting. It is more important to be “woke” than be bothered with facts. Almost everyone we know has somebody in our extended families or friendships in law enforcement. Sort of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon only much bigger. We all realize this doesn’t make a difficult but necessary any job easier. Again that “innocent till proven guilty” thing might be the way to separate the bad cops from the good. With you, it’s why bother?

You tell me Trump is destroying our institutions. Maybe so, but you’re the ones talking up dumping the Electoral College, packing the courts, and impeaching presidents with no evidence of “high crimes or Misdemeanors.” In fact, with you, the Constitution is more of a suggestion than something allowing us to achieve ever-greater freedom and well being. You know better. Had you been in charge at the nations foundering we’d all be better off? Really?. People terrorized by different ideas hardly seem to have the stuff to establish a country like no other. However, I have to admire your Chutzpah.

You think there is a special place in hell for those with a special skill but refuse to use it on your demand. How else do you explain going after a custom baker who doesn’t care to make a unique creation for a member of one of your protected groups? Forcing someone to use a personal skill in the service of something that person opposes or finds distasteful is involuntary servitude. Further, it sounds like vengeance on those with an opposing view. In any case, who would actually eat the cake? Especially if you saw the movie “The Maids.” This is just ugly and mean.

There is a practice that once affected members of my family. t. This was the quota system practiced by a wide swath of leading Universities. People of our ilk no matter how qualified found only a limited number of spots at prestigious schools. We thought this odious practice flew in the face of what this country was all about. One would think this practice was long gone, but one would be wrong. It lives on, just aimed at a different group. That would be Asians. If it was wrong when my family members were turned away, it is just as wrong now. We hear you endlessly talking about, race, equality, and fairness so it would be expected to find you supporting doing away with quotas once and for all. Sadly, we instead read your briefs in support of Harvard maintaining its quota policy.

At a time when the national debt tops $22 trillion and expected to grow at least trillion a year in the future, you tell us this is the time for free college, free health care, a guaranteed income and something called the “Green New Deal” costing untold trillions. Don’t worry, you tell us, we can practice Modern Money Theory (MMT) and just borrow and print money to pay the interest. Guess we were fools, saving, and paying for our progeny’s education. The kids worked and paid off their loans. Luckily they chose paths that would pay enough to make the sacrifice worthwhile. More importantly, we weren’t born yesterday. Bills always come due some time. This is true whether you’re a person or a country. Somebody will have to pay for the party. We all know who that is, those who have worked, saved, invested and actually have some wealth. You know this right because you want to tax “Wealth.” I know you say you’re only going to stick it to the 1%. Progressives told us that whopper when they got the income tax way back in 1913. So why are half of all Americans paying it? The 1% if they’re anything they’re mobile. They’ll leave or at least their wealth will, and we know who actually will be stuck. If you have anything lookout.

I know you’re talking to me because I can’t get away from you. From snail mail to email and every other media you tell me you want my money, support, and vote. After all, I’m a getable that voted third party in’16 and elections are won by getting the voters like me. I think giving you an idea of how you’re is playing with me might give you a hint of how things will turn out in 2020. Maybe calling me an original sinner isn’t the best way to get me and others like me to lean your way. You are on the verge of doing something almost impossible, making Donald Trump a sympathetic Character. I suggest you get your Trump 2nd Inaugural Tickets early, so you don’t miss the festivities.

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