You Talking to Me?

You say I have “White Privilege.” You claim all the nation’s wealth is based on slave labor. We all need to make a sizable wealth transfer to Blacks to make amends. I don’t know, my ancestors came to this country well after the civil war. They came from countries where life wasn’t any walk in a park. Freedom and advancement just didn’t exist there for them. So they took a big chance and found some spots in steerage and came to the place where they were free to improve their lot in life. They never owned slaves or even lived south the Mason Dixon Line until some retired in Florida. They supported the NAACP and actively participated in civil rights activities. All were proud of the part our then-Senator Everett Dirksen played in the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. Yet, that isn’t enough, you’re white so you’re responsible for all the bad things in the lives of Blacks. You tell us the Declaration of Independence and Constitution my forebearers studied to become citizens, are bogus documents written by frauds. Well, those immigrants didn’t come to a place they thought was perfect, only the one place they knew they would have a chance to succeed. Those “frauds” and what they created may not have been perfect but it was good enough to give a better life to millions from all over the world. People who realized it was better here than where they came from. To this day far more people of all backgrounds, races, and religions want in than ever leave the US.

My ancestors came to a place where they didn’t have to watch every word they said. Here you had free speech. They could say bad things about leaders and still, keep their freedom and their lives. Now you tell us we can’t offend anyone. People need safe places where they are protected from offending ideas. Universities, where ideas should be espoused and debated, should now ban “unpopular” beliefs. Those with offending ideas need shouted down and driven off.

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