Future Party 5

It’s interesting how knowledgeable people can come up with simple fix for  our dysfunctional political system.  Simply vote for the other party’s candidates.  Now that will change things. Don’t laugh. This has been proposed by a number of our political intellectuals.  Smart people such as Max Boot have stated this is in fact what they’re  going to do and have urged others to do the same.  After all, many small government, free trade, outward looking, pro immigration and fiscally conservative people have already left the Republican Party.  What do they do now? Across the aisle how do Senator Chris Coons and his New Democracy Democrat friends stem their party’s race to far left. By voting Republican? The thinking seems to be when the party, Republican or Democrat, loses big time at the polls people will see the error of their ways and line up behind these spurned leaders to bring them back into the light.  Well, the Democrats have had a string of defeats leaving them in control of little of anything, but they moved even further left..  Instead of getting to work on policies to solve our growing problems, Sen. Coons and others are helplessly watching their party march to the extreme.

Do non-Trumpist Republicans, former and present really think a big Democratic victory will restore them to power? In our elections the moderates on either side are the major casualties.  The more extreme are generally in safe states or districts.  This in turn gives them even more say in their parties. The strange thing is we can imagine Sen. Coons and his New Democracy associates sitting down with Paul Ryan and like-minded Republicans and working amiably towards some solutions to major problems.  Take entitlements. It isn’t to hard to envision a conference using the bi-partisan Simpson-Bowles Commission Plan as a basis for entitlement reform and being warmly attended by all these politicians.  What you can’t contemplate is Trump, Bernie Sanders or even Obama attending.  After all, Obama set up the commission and then turned his back on it. This  just how shows distant many of our politicians are from their own parties.  More important these politicians represent millions of our citizens and they’re leaving them without a say in the future of our country.  If you aren’t representing your constituents what are you actually doing?

In truth then, many Republican and Democrat politicians are closer on the major issues to each other than their own party.  We have seen this in the recent bi-partisan Senate vote rebuking the President on tariffs.  Yet going forward they most likely will be forced to choose between keeping President Trump or voting for a candidate.espousing  far left positions.   Don’t think Democratic candidates will be pushed far left?  Just remember Hillary Clinton abandoning her own hard work and opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership.  Think how many of those Senators voting against Trump on tariffs favor treaties such as TPP  and expanded trade. They will have no like-minded Presidential candidate to support.  As we have pointed out, Trump and the far left agree on most major issues in actions and inaction .  Don’t those with other ideas  deserve a choice? More important don’t their supporters warrant one?

It’s hard to see how just saying “I support this but not that” when you know you are furthering policies and attitudes you really don’t support. Do Republicans really think they can avoid association with the ugliness associated with Trump?  Do Democrats think they can avoid the perception of favoring open border’s and socialist policies? Even now we can’t see Senators Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham in the same light as before they bent over for President Trump. Senator Coons and his friends can make noises but if nothing changes, in the end they’ll roll over and support candidates espousing far left positions.

Yes, we’ve heard the “I don’t like a lot things my leaders are doing, but look at…” defense before. For the Republicans its look at the tax cuts, reining in of regulations and appointment of conservative judges.” For the Democrats, look at “healthcare, our diversity and everyone in the world loves Obama.” These of course are “but he made the trains run on time” defense of Mussolini.  Ignore Trump’s destruction of our International Systems so carefully developed over the decades.  His leanings toward what some people call crony capitalism, but what  we call anti-capitalism. Tariffs by their very nature favor some over the interests of others. Attacking some businesses and their leaders, while praising others has nothing to do with capitalism. In fact, it is the opposite. His basic ugliness contributes greatly to the polarization in the nation.  For the Democrats ignore “the fact that their healthcare Plan is unworkable, being liked never translated  in a safer world, and failure to back up his line in the sand was a gift to our enemies and an alarm to our friends.” Both Trump and Obama have refused to tackle major problems.  At some point you have to see the direction you’re being led and decide if this is anywhere you want to go.

Maybe they’ll continue deluding themselves by waiting around for things to change and thinking they won’t be tainted by their present party.  But at some point they are going   to realize they have to go in another direction.  One giving them a future and the people a choice.  It’s hard work building a Future Party but if you think about it , what really is your choice?

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