Today is Bizarre. What about Tomorrow?

In our last post, Future Party 5, we mentioned Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul bending over for President Trump. Some thought I was being much too harsh especially when it came to Sen. Paul.  Now that any interested party can access his interviews and statements since the Helsinki Summit, they might think we weren’t severe enough.  How the supposedly libertarian leaning Senator became a top Trump defender is a case study in a politician putting survival over principle.  After all, what is more central to libertarianism than free markets and trade.  The man he now finds he must regularly defend is a fan of neither.  Both Paul and Graham represent heavily pro- Trump states and the specter of an over-the-top Trumpster running against them in the next primary causing them to  either lose in the primary or being weakened and financially drained enough to be toast in the general election has made them go places far out  from their perceived character.

Of course, this political movement under duress isn’t just confined to Republicans.  The present trials of long time Democrat California Senator Diane Feinstein are illustrative.  She has to run for her seat  in the general election against a far left opponent she handily beat in the primary who actually has the party endorsement and designation on the ballot.  We know this sounds odd but that’s the way they do things in the Golden State.  The top two primary candidates regardless of party face off in the general.  As the Republicans in statewide races are as extinct as the Dodo Bird,that means the top two Democrats. Already we’re seeing Feinstein rapidly moving further left than she ever has been. As we have pointed out in the past, primaries sound good in theory but have been increasingly disastrous in practice.  One can argue whether primaries are to blame for our divided nation, but there is no doubt it empowers the extremes in both parties.  California just has found a way to make them even worse.

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