Hillary Clinton is under fire over a book about the Clinton Foundation donors and the Clintons speaking fees that hasn’t even come out yet.  The author appears to be right of center and we see unfavorable things about the Clintons all the time.  What’s different in this case is the play the book’s allegations are getting in the liberal press.  The New York Times and the Washington Post among others have run highly damaging pieces on the money trail covered by the book and posing difficult questions for her campaign.  These outlets would normally ignore or underplay a “conservative” authored book damaging to Democratic Party icons.  What gives?  Just good and fair journalism?  Maybe, but what if this is part of a well thought out plan.  We can almost see eyes rolling, another conspiracy theory.  We normally would be right with you, but bear with us.  Something else may be going on here.

Can anybody remember a time when a major political party looking forward to a non-incumbent election, had only one creditable candidate?  After Reagan’s two terms, his vice president was well positioned but still had stiff competition.  Al Gore after Bill Clinton’s two terms wasn’t alone in his quest for the nomination.  These were incumbent vice presidents and still they weren’t anointed without real competition.  How could a party have such a lack of talent?  While money and effort was funneled into the President Obama’s successful re-election, the off year elections in 2010 &14 and even down ticket 2012 resulted in a hollowing out of the Democratic Party.  Moderates simply no longer exist in the party.  Worse, while divisive race and gender policies and a lot money worked for Pres. Obama’s re- election, his policies and no help from association with him resulted in disaster for other democrats.  Majorities of  houses of congress, the state Houses and state legislatures all reside in Republican hands. Among the few remaining Democratic Governors where the party used to find real contenders are old pols like Jerry Brown in California and untalented legacies like Andrew Cuomo in New York.  The Senate is even worse.  For the 2006 off year election, Democratic leaders such as Rahm Emanuel worked overtime to recruit young attractive candidates.  Some even tended to be more to the middle but very electable. These where virtually wiped out in the 2010 & 2014 elections.  The current administration strangely gave these up and comers little or nothing to work with.  For instance, okaying the Keystone Pipeline would’ve given some of them good cover.  The administration did the opposite.  The result is no bench.  Surely nothing like the Republicans.who a virtually swimming in talent.

Where does this leave things?  The Democratic party is almost totally dependent on and controlled by the administration.  There is only one other possible power center, the Clintons.  But if Hillary now falters, there is isn’t anyone electable to pick up the torch.  The administration on the surface gives tepid support to Hilliary but at the same time lets it known that they feel blindsided by her failure to follow their agreements regarding the Clinton Foundation.  This appears to have given a signal to the liberal press to actually investigate rather than cover for Hilliary. That group may actually prefer a Gov. Martin O’Malley or especially Sen. Elizabeth Warren, but these would be much weaker candidates.  Joe Biden?  Only as in incumbent President.  So this would likely lose the White House but leave the party apparatus in its present hands.  Who does that benefit?

While no Illinois Senate seat is available in 2018, the governorship is occupied by Republican Bruce Rauner.  A reformer in a normally deep blue state, he could be vulnerable to a big name powerhouse.  Now who could that be?  Michelle Obama fits that to a tee.  If the Clintons planned Hilliary’s Senate run as they were leaving the White House as a stepping stone back to that residence, why would we think the equally ambitious and better organized Obamas wouldn’t be similarly disposed?  Do people in  the prime of their lives such as the Clintons and Obamas ever give up power easily?  A Governor with great name recognition would be in a great position for a presidential run.   A successful Hilliary Presidential run could block Michelle maybe forever.  Hillary forced out leaves Michelle with a clear path .  People will say that nobody would plan that far ahead, but what’s the Obama’s history?  Planning!  Think about it.

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