About those DOJ Ferguson Reports…..

Like most people, we took the News of the Justice Dept. on Ferguson Mo. to have two findings: I. The officer involved in the shooting that originally brought the Justice Dept.(DOJ) to town was totally exonerated and 2. The Town was a cesspool of racism.  We took solace in some justice for the officer even as we realize his life is probably ruined and people in power were shown to be the owrst kind of  raciists.  After all even people on the right expressed their disapproval of the City Government and police Dept.  We probably wouldn’t have ever questioned the second finding if we hadn’t finally read a Washington Post article we had saved,  “The 12 Key Highlights from the DOJ’s Scathing Ferguson Report ” by Mark Berman and Wesley Lowery March 4.  As we read, it became apparent that the key point of the Report,was that even though the Blacks made up only 67% of the town’s population they accounted for 93% of arrests makes an open and shut case of racism.  It’s been a long time since any of us took statistics but the idea that you should always compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges and and you have to account for variables has stuck with us.  The 67.4% figure came from the 2010 census but the crime figures are from 2012-14.  You might think wouldn’t make a big difference but you would be wrong.

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