We’re Confused about Indiana

We have to admit, we didn’t really follow all this photographers and bakers and gay wedding controversies  as closely as we maybe should’ve.  Silly us, we thought this was a personal service case or by extension personal servitude problem, but this somehow is bound up in religion and gay rights.  When you get into an argument it may go off the rails if the wrong principles in invoked.  A photographer refuses to render his personal photography service to a Gay wedding on religious grounds and loses under a state anti discrimination law.  Take Gay and religious freedom out of the case entirely.  A asks B to provide a good or service which requires a future meeting of the minds.  B refuses by saying they are not a good fit.  End of story.  Professionals have done this forever.  For whatever reason your heart isn’t in it and you can’t provide your best product or service you bow out.  That protects both A & B from shoddy or worse outcome.  Professionals have always had the right to not take on a client without providing any reason.  “Just not a good fit” suffices.  Judges most of whom were in private practice know this and should extend this logical choice to everyone.

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