Yes, Joe Biden could become President

Joe Biden just might become our next President, maybe within a year.  Oh, we can just hear the usual sources saying, “Good the GOP is going to impeach the President.  Well just let them try.”  No that’s not what we’re saying.  The idea that Republicans would go through a fruitless effort to impeach the President just to have Biden take over is ludicrous.  The GOP isn’t going to push Pres. Obama out the door, but the Democrats just might.

Presently, almost 2 out of every 3 Americans think the President is doing a poor job.  Things could get a lot worse.  Suddenly 30,000 Lois Lerner emails show up.  Now maybe nothing is found there, but what if a link to the White House is established?  Criminal behavior?

Next summer the Supreme Court will  rule on the legality of subsidies obtained through Federal Exchanges rather than the ones the ACA says should’ve provided them.  Maybe Chief Justice Roberts will bail them out again.  But what if it’s  decided that the language of the bill, means what it says?  The President’s only claim to lasting fame would disappear.  The Bill he pushed above immigration and tax reform, moves to improve the economy and lasting improvements in entitlements would be seen as an enormous divisive waste of time.

Russia, emboldened by our lack of response in Ukraine, moves on a NATO allied Baltic State.  What would the President do?  How would the pacifist wing of the democratic react?

The same questions would come up if Baghdad should fall.  What if Americans die in the fall of the US Embassy there?

These are just a few things we can actually visualize happening.  There also might be a nasty surprise or two.  Now maybe none of these things will go against the President but maybe some of them will.

The Democrats already hollowed out by recent elections with the majorities in the Senate, House, State Houses and State Legislatures held by the Republicans would have to face up to a bleak future.  Could they afford to wait and see if Hilary or someone else could save them in 2016?  Rather would they take action?  Call it proactive or panic, would they try to get out from under a failed presidency?

No President has ever been kicked out of office through impeachment.  A President, however,did leave before his his term was over.  The opposition party couldn’t on their own convict  Pres. Nixon.  It was the leaders of  the GOP that took the long walk to the White House to pull the plug on Nixon.  They said they did it to save the country but also they did to save their party.  Democrats just might find themselves retracing those very steps to the White House.  And that’s how Joe Biden could become our next President.

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