Sunday is generally a very laid back time for us.  Sports, Sunday papers and talk shows to settle into.  Not this Sunday.  Ferguson, Mo ready to explode regardless of which way the Grand Jury decides.  Michael Erich Dyson telling Rudy Giuliani the New York police are an occupying force. The New York Times devoting a third of their editorial page on letters about Niholas Kristof ‘s endless white guilt trip series “When Whites Just don’t get it”.  It seems that non blacks just don’t see things from a black point of view the way they should.  O. K.  But it got us to thinking, maybe there’s another problem.  Blacks don’t see how they are viewed by others and maybe they should.  Here at Detour we have always held the belief that the wealth of any nation is in its people not its natural resources.  Where others  just see rock, a motivated entrepreneurial people produce bountiful oil and gas.  People make it a resource not the other way around.  In that vain we see developing our people to be the best they can be is our highest priority.  The biggest underdeveloped part of our society is the Black community and as such we have backed things we thought would improve their prospects to the nation’s benefit. Continue reading