Most people can agree the ACA will  be up for revision in the new congress.  Never popular with a majority of Americans, most think as written it will never deliver universal coverage at reasonable cost.  Like a dish the chef thought would be a success but the patrons sent back en mass, we have to change the recipe.  How do we do that?  A good place to start would be to keep the ingredients that patrons say they  like.  In the ACA”s case that would be universal coverage, no lifetime limits, children can stay on their parents plan till age 26, subsidy support for those just above Medicaid and the plan can  never be cancelled. Keep these.  Next what do the critics say is lacking?  First, it’s too complex.  Second, fails to use the market to give you choices of what you personally need and who delivers your care.  Third, no real way to control prices except through government imposed restrictions.  Putting the choice squarely in the individuals hands and pocketbook would move us in that direction as would expand the market for plans across state lines.  Let’s add these to the pot. Continue reading