The one thing we can say for certain is this plan will cost more than the Affordable Care Act.(ACA)  Wait didn’t we say that Government support would be based on Medicaid  and the subsidies current on the ACA .  Why should it cost more?  Simply because it covers more people.  Even under the supposedly universal ACA, millions remain uncovered.  Our plan covers everyone.  No ifs, and or buts about it.  However, this should be cheaper than covering everyone under the ACA if it could ever get there.   Helping offset the increased cost would be lower overhead and insurance costs.  Continue reading


Maybe providers won’t think they died and went to heaven, but it just might seem that way.  No more dealing with third parties over every little thing.  No more wondering about payment.  Only when the Catastrophic Policies kick in would there be any reason to deal with an insurance company.  That would most likely be in the case of serious illness and that’s exactly as it should be.  Everything else just normal business.  You would just have to be approved as a legitimate health provider.  Anyone who is generally approved by insurance companies and/or Medicaid would be approved to accept the new credit cards.  Providers that sell other products or services other than healthcare would have to keep a separation.  For instance,  Walgreen’s has separate terminals for Healthcare & Prescriptions so they don’t give Total Rewards Points on these charges.  Nothing but healthcare terminals would be the norm or providers might come up with another innovative solution.  To be sure, your customers will be keenly aware of what they are getting for their money and you’ll have no choice but compete.  Again that is the way it should be.  Large or small providers will be able to concentrate on providing good service at a competitive price.  Providers could offer discounted prepaid packages or most anything else that might work. The huge potential market could prove very rewarding to innovative providers.  The medical profession could concentrate on medicine.  If nothing else it should improve morale. What more do you need to know?