We at Detour are the first people that should take the advice to look before you leap to a conclusion.  We watched the Eric Garner video several times and voiced our dismay over the grand jury failure to charge Officer Pantaleo.  We were told that the death was the result of his  illegal choke hold and in any case the coroner ruled it a homicide.  A death over a few cigarettes!  Of course, we were in good company with virtually everyone on the Left and all sorts of people in the middle and the right echoing the same sentiments.  People as diverse as Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Rand Paul and Bill O’Reilly all seemed equally dismayed.  Better still we could show how fair and balanced we were after concluding that the Ferguson Grand Jury acted properly, now we could heartily condemn this grand jury.  Unfortunately some little bits of knowledge began to sneak in. Continue reading