Covid’s Past May Dominate the Future

The media theme is that mistakes made at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic resulted from poor information. The Fauci bunch and the Blue States were right about the excessive lockdowns. As we received better data, we made the proper adjustments. It’s better to be safe than sorry. A few cranks opposed these actions, but they ignored the science. Dr. Fauci even stated he represents science. Don’t hold them responsible for out-of-control inflation and a generation of schoolchildren’s lost learning. They were following the science.

Readers of my series on Covid (available here) know this is bull. There was a vast gulf in the scientific and medical communities over the proper Covid response. Just read the Great Barrington Resolution. Almost a million people signed it. These were primarily doctors and scientists. By March 2020, it was well-known that COVID-19’s mortal danger increased with age.

To many, this meant centering efforts on the most vulnerable and going on with life with reasonable precautions. For instance, there was no reason to close K-12 schools. Sweden never closed down. It kept these schools open. Others in Europe soon followed. 

Even though seven states never closed down, Florida’s opening soon after received the most negative attention. Characterizing Governor Ron DeSantis as “The Angel of Death” appeared across the media. He ignorantly ignored the science. 

At the same time, they idealized New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and California Gov. Gavin Newsom for their enlightened Covid policies. The media drew the line. Those failing to follow these two were out of step with science.

Fast forward to today. California, for the first time in history, is losing its population. Gov. Cuomo is out of a job due to his failings, but not before we discovered his reinserting covid positive patients back in nursing homes.

By any measure, Florida recorded a Covid Era performance superior to California and New York. While many attribute DeSantis’ success to luck, anyone who took the time to look, knows he studied the data and made proper decisions based on what he and his people found. He set up lifesaving infusions centers across Florida before anyone else even thought about their value. 

Even though Covid is still with us, no one talks about locking down today. Our approach now looks like Florida’s and the Great Barrint Declaration. So why bring all this up now? Because one of the strongest lockdown purveyors is likely to be the 2024 Democratic presidential candidate.

You might ask how someone who handled his state so poorly he faced a recall election is a prime candidate. Remember “the compared to what Rule.” In this case, it’s compared to who. The nomination is wide open, with most democrats against another Biden run. Usually, the vice president would have a leg up, but Kamala has been a disaster. 

Worse for V.P. Harris, she also hails from California. Newsom is more popular there and would win the primary. This situation deprives the Veep of a base. 

Controlling California also gives Newsom a bushel of delegates. Further, Newsom is 55. Other candidates, such as Warren and Sanders, share old age with Biden. Every indication the nation is ready to move on from 70+ presidents. 

The truth is the Democrats lack a successful young bench. Transportation Sec. Buttigieg has been largely absent in untangling supply chain woes. 

Governors have a chance to show their leadership skills, but those from blue states haven’t shown much. Some share Cuomo’s sending covid patients to nursing homes history. The low-key Jared Polis in Colorado is maybe the best of the bunch. Coming from a fossil fuel state, he has a mixed climate message likely unacceptable to Democrats. 

Newsome is well aware of the poor quality of his competition. Even one of average height has a significant advantage in a basketball game with the little people. The Democrats haven’t developed talent.

Many in the Democratic-leaning media realize the situation and are already pushing puff pieces on Newsom. The Governor is feeding into the favorable press by acting tough toward prominent Republicans. He joined the Truth platform to trade barbs with Trump and is running ads attacking Florida Governor DeSantis in Florida. He goes after Texas Governor Greg Abbot. Newsom thinks this will position him as the fighter to take down those mean Republicans. 

While Republicans welcome comparisons, often Democrats are unaware of Republican state-level successes, and they are the ones who will pick their 2024 nominee. 

Given the public wants new younger blood in the White House, a Newsom-DeSantis race is entirely plausible. Newsom’s attacks on DeSantis indicate who he thinks he’ll be opposing in ’24. 

It will be impossible not to compare their stark differences in handling the Covid pandemic. As I’ve pointed out, the two went in opposite directions. Even today, California and Florida still have different responses.

For instance, the Golden State just passed a law that would take doctor’s medical licenses if they spread Covid “misinformation.” If you go against the prevailing “science,” you’re in deep trouble.

The Florida Surgeon General, based on a risk-reward assessment, has just advised males 18-39 to forgo MNRA vaccination due to an 84% increase in cardiac-related death in that vaccinated group. Among some, this caused an immediate uproar. Twitter initially banned the warning. Again professionals disagree.

If Fl. Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo was in California, could he be subject to losing his medical license? Many Doctor Great Barrington signers, including one of its authors who live in California, opposed the state’s Covid policy. Should they have lost their licenses? 

How their states approach Covid illustrates the polarity between their Governors. Newsome’s California says once we elites determine a course of action, everyone must fall in line or suffer punishment. Once we decide to lockdown, go along or else. Being right or wrong isn’t essential. You must obey, just like Communist China, which still locks down.

Florida, under Desantis, looks at the data and makes its decisions solely on what they think is best, even though it varies from what others are doing. They’ll take slings and arrows to do what they find suitable until new data shows a need to change. If you think they’re wrong, bring your data and discuss.

Which approach to governing do we desire? A Newsom-DeSantis 2024 race is natural . This future match seems likely to me, and rightly so.

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