Confessions Of A Semi-Fascist

When President Biden labeled Trump supporters Semi-Fascists, I wondered who he meant. Was it a diehard election result, deniers? I didn’t believe Trump won the election. I noted the ex-president was, in fact, the author of his defeat. Telling people to only vote on election day and a terrible debate performance were self-inflicted wounds. While Biden mostly stayed in his basement, Trump was out making multiple campaign errors.

After finding a way to lose a close election, while Republicans gained House seats, his attacks on fellow Republicans cost the Party two senate seats. This action handed all three power sources to the Democrats. We are all suffering greatly from this outcome. Trump followed this with his inexplicable lack of action on the January 6th riot at the Capitol. 

At the time, I chalked these failings to an aging narcissist losing his grip. I say this as one even older and well aware of decline. An even older Biden with no real accomplishment or executive experience, pushing a frightening agenda looked worse. I voted for Trump. It turns out both are over the hill and should never be anywhere near the Oval Office.

Regardless of your politics, seeing Florida Governor on TV and commanding the state hurricane response for days around the clock made it clear to me that governing is a younger person’s game. I felt the need for a nap just watching him. It appears it had the same effect on Biden. By the way, what has Florida resident Trump contributed to hurricane relief?

Given my positions, I initially felt Biden wasn’t referring to me when he talked about “semi-Fascists.” I was wrong. He was referring to most, if not all, Trump voters. For instance, if you approved of the Dobbs abortion decision, you’re “MAGA”; therefore, a Semi-fascist.

Dobbs doesn’t ban abortions. It only returns the Abortion decisions to lawmakers. In my mind, in wrongly deciding ROE, the court invented rights found nowhere in the Constitution and denied the people’s elected representatives the ability to make decisions. Biden’s stand lumps me in with Mussolini and Hitler.

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