Nothing should surprise me about the present administration. Consistently on the wrong foot, it bounces from one failure to another. They finally caught up to the fact Ukraine wouldn’t fall anytime soon. Given the right help, it could win. After denying the Ukrainians MIGs from Poland, we now send heavier and more sophisticated weapons with proper training. Again, better late than never.

I recommended not only sending light and old Soviet weapons with ammo but also sophisticated and powerful weapons. Using contractors to facilitate their introduction and use would align with Russia’s reliance on the contractor Wagner Group. The point was to keep the fight between the Goliath Russia and the Ukrainian David while quietly doing a lot for Ukraine to win.

Having the world view the war this way rather than Russia vs. NATO is in our best interest. It’s much easier to make a nationalist case against an attack by the 30 NATO nations rather than taking a licking from a much smaller country. 

So why did it leak out that U.S. intelligence played a significant role in the sinking of the Moskva and the loss of several Russian generals? This information changes the narrative from little Ukraine inflicting extensive damage to the U.S. and NATO taking a leading role. 

What idiot thought this was a good idea to leak this information to the press? The administration did come to its senses and condemned the leak, but too late.

It’s hard to believe some minor player in the Defence or intelligence community took it on themselves to place the leaks. More likely, they came from the top. Why else would the press give it so much coverage?

With nothing positive to point to, the administration might view this as a way to get some needed kudos. Perceiving the U.S. more directly in the conflict isn’t the way to get it.

Joe Biden has a history of grabbing acclaim from the work of others. A serial plagiarist, he is known for inserting himself into the limelight. With no one fired for the leak, you have to entertain Biden initially O.K.’d the leak.

It fits the administration’s M.O. It inherited Project Warp Speed’s vaccines and the program giving a million shots a day on Inauguration Day. At the same time, the economy was strongly rebounding. While taking credit for the vaccine program, they fired key Warp speed players. Biden touts last year’s economy as his own doing. The reality is our GDP shrunk in the previous quarter under his policies. 

With Biden’s history of improper credit appropriation, it isn’t hard to surmise where the foolish Ukraine leaks originated.

A draft Supreme Court decision leaked in a Mississippi abortion case has caused a firestorm. While highly harmful to the functioning of the high court, the leak might bring unintended results. The draft shows a majority reversing Roe v. Wade and returning the regulation of abortion to the states. That means restoring the decisions to people elected to make and sign laws.

The basis of the Roe Decision is a right that appears nowhere in the Constitution. Even though other decisions link to privacy rights, Due Process is mentioned and supports these decisions. The problem with abortion is how to get “Due Process” for an unborn child?

Gay or inter-racial marriage deprives no other parties of rights. Who you marry harms no one. In abortion, we end a life.

Many pro-abortion people contend there is no life until birth. Try telling that to Grandparents showing their grandchild’s first sonogram. That’s generally at nine weeks, give or take a week. The question then becomes, how do we weigh the mother’s needs against the baby’s needs? We have a representative government to make the rules. While judges adjudicate the laws, they don’t make them. Overturning Roe reaffirms the proper roles.

Roe and the subsequent Casey decision placed the U.S’s lack of restrictions on abortion near the extreme edge. Other governments have faced the same abortion questions and passed their laws.

It may surprise many people, but the U.S. is among the least restrictive nations on abortions. Most offer much less time for the mother to have an unrestricted abortion. They defer more to life. This chart tells the story:

Fifteen weeks looks closer to the world’s middle ground. Surprisingly, this is what Mississippi’s law, the Supreme Court, is considering requires. The state seems to be in line with lawmakers worldwide. After all, only about 5% of abortions occur after 15 wks. 

I think the leak months earlier than the scheduled decision changed the landscape. A decision handed down just months before the midterms would’ve seen protests organized to occur if it overturned Roe.

Not knowing if this leaked draft reflects the actual decision, the public actions are muted and reflective. The idea is that elected representatives should be the ones to achieve the balancing of rights and will have time to take hold. By the time we get the decision, we’ll have months of needed discussion on the issue. 

The extremes of both sides are on display. We know of those demanding a total abortion ban, but the recently defeated Democratic Senate bill showed the other side is equally extreme. Elsewhere, people have found a political solution. 

This outcome probably wasn’t what the leaker or leakers had in mind, but I feel with a Roe reversal, we will join the rest of the world in having laws the majority of people can live with rather than our present judge rendered division. 

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