More Than One Kind of Diversity

Homeland Security, Alejandro N Mayorkas, plans to stem the expected flood? The migrants are already coming in at record numbers. If 42 goes, the numbers will snowball.

So far, the secretary has distinguished himself by unfairly accusing his border patrol of whipping migrants and proposing a group to stop what the department considers “misinformation.”     

The Biden Administration failed to rein in the teacher’s unions, especially in blue States, leading to further educational losses. Secretary of Education Miguel Gardonna resides on the unions’ side rather than the children. So far, he has done nothing to address learning loss and curriculum problems. Kids trying to learn at home led Parents to find things taught they consider out of line. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland highlighted his growing reputation as one of the political cabinet members by threatening parents as terrorists for expressing disagreement at a school board meeting. Even though we are experiencing the worst crime upsurge in decades, the nation’s top law enforcement officer is strangely absent. 

Eric Lander has flown so far under the radar I forgot we ever had a Presidential Science Advisor and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. All we hear is how China is outpacing us in science and technology. Russia and China have hypersonic missiles. We don’t. Where is Mr. Lander?

Our present baby formula crisis is a staff failure. In programs like the West Wing or Madame Secretary, the Chief of Staff appears to be the ringmaster of the executive circus. The person that’s supposed to coordinate everything. Somebody had to see how FDA actions and trade policy could result in endangered babies, but Ron Klain was asleep at the switch on this and many other things.

I included all the names to look them up and decide for yourself if you consider them a positive in their position. To me, this is the least accomplished group ever.

If you put a group of bright competent people together, probably something worthwhile will result. Put people together to fill some group slots, and maybe you will get a good photo. If you think I’m harsh, look at what they’ve done or not done. What have they accomplished to improve the nation’s performance?

Diversity can mean many things. Race, sex, sexual or religious preference is one kind of diversity, but if they all adhere to the same dogma, there is little or no diversity of thought. This limits ideas and choices. Is this a way to achieve the best results?

Recently a California superior court judge struck down a state law requiring diversity on corporate boards. This ruling followed an earlier order blocking the need to appoint members of underrepresented groups to corporate boards. The courts held the State failed to show how in either case would improve economic performance. If diversity does nothing to enhance performance, these cases caused me to ask, why did it influence president Biden’s cabinet appointments? Could his idea of diversity impede his government’s performance? Did we get one kind of diversity rather than capable people?

The photos and biographies of the 15 department heads and the nine cabinet-level appointees show a varied group. Unfortunately, the mixture hasn’t produced anything close to success. The President’s team may look good, but it can’t put points on the board.

The Biden Cabinet

The national security section of the cabinet set an early standard of ineptitude. Secretary of State Anthony J. Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III joined with the Director of National intelligence Avril Haines to produce the disastrous Afgan withdrawal. Not satisfied with that failure, this bunch failed to get sanctions and needed armament to Ukraine before the Russian invasion. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield cannot bring about meaningful U.N. action.

We’ll never know if our incomprehensible Afgan withdrawal encouraged Putin to invade Ukraine, but it seems likely. Our policy of doing nothing meaningful until after Russia acted prevented nothing. You can’t stop what has already taken place. These geniuses felt Ukraine was doomed, so it wasn’t worth the effort. How did they get things so wrong? 

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