Getting Things Straight

So much is happening, my commentary will cover several widely different subjects. Hopefully, I can give a different slant from what you’re hearing.

 Ukraine is on the verge of being another disaster overseen by the Biden regime. The media is already setting out a covering narrative to protect the administration. Wednesday’s (1/26) New York times “The Morning” was mainly devoted to this theme. Other media followed. It’s Trump’s fault. Who would’ve guessed?

The case against Trump is straightforward. Everyone knows of his affection for Putin and Russia. He attacked our NATO allies. Chancellor Merkel of Germany was his particular target driving a wedge between our countries. No wonder the Germans are showing reluctance to help. This discord has prevented a united front. 

Even a cursory look at the facts reveals a narrative riddled with holes. You can’t revive the thoroughly debunked Russian collusion story. In any case, Trump’s actions hardly show warmth toward the Russians. Unlike President Obama, he sent Ukraine lethal weapons, resulting in dead Russians. The front stabilized. More Russians died when they got too aggressive in Syria. Contrasting Trump’s Russian actions against Obama leaves no illusions about who was more formidable.

When Trump took office, he found Chancellor Angela Merkel already allowed one million Muslim immigrants. Germany was closing its nuclear plants. It also signed on to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to replace the lost energy, making Germany heavily dependent on Russia. Though Germany as a NATO member pledged to spend two percent of GDP on its military, it was closer to one percent. These are strange actions for ta NATO lynchpin. 

Looking at 35,000+ US military in Europe to protect against aggressors, mainly Russia, Trump rightly questioned Merkel about what Germany was doing. The result was friction between the two, but Germany’s actions or lack caused the strain. Rick Grennell Trumps, ambassador to Germany, continued to press that nation on where it stood. Merkel let her dislike of Grennell be well known. Not surprisingly, our media supported Merkel. 

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