Michael Replaces Chris

As is our Saturday habit, we settled in to watch Michael Smerconish’s CNN show. Compared to other CNN hosts, he appeared thoughtful and knowledgeable. We found he sometimes had a different take on things and out-of-the-ordinary guests. He heightened our interest by being poised to take over the fired Chris Cuomo’s CNN primetime hour for a week or longer.

Smerconish started the show by informing us that Germany was locking down everyone not vaccinated or naturally immune. He was astonished Germany equated natural immunity with vaccinations. He also found almost all of Europe, Israel, and many other nations treated prior infection the same as vaccinations.

Genuinely surprised, he ventured excusing the naturally immune from mandates might lessen the strife over Covid regulations. His weekly online poll question was, “Should prior COVID infection count when it comes to vaccine mandates?” His first guest was a medical expert who explained the studies behind the other nations’ actions. The guest doctor came down on their side because they had the better science.

Opening up new ground for discussion is always welcome. Tweets Smerconish read on the show indicated surprise by his viewers. The problem is it may be a surprise to Michael and his CNN audience, but natural immunity has been at the center of how the world deals with Covid virtually from the pandemic beginning. As I wrote at the time, Israel issued the world’s first Covid passport last March. Following the data, it required either proof of vaccination or previous infection. Most other nations followed suit.

Smerconish and his CNN audience are only now becoming aware of natural immunity. How is this possible? Maybe it’s because the Biden administration never considers the previous infections. Dr. Fauci, its primary Covid spokesman, dismisses the idea because he says he has no data. All those other countries have the data and made their decisions.

This omission in U.S. covid policy illuminates a significant problem. Many point out CNN, MSNBC, and legacy media play down or even omit news conflicting with the administration’s narratives. Smerconish unwittingly gives solid support to this observation. While the administration’s media supporters label Fox news as fake, no one watching that channel would be unaware of natural immunity. The debate of how best to handle the pandemic on Fox presents supporting data from here and abroad. This Smerconish Show loudly speaks this isn’t the case at CNN.

Dr. Fauci owes his continued support to widespread media obsequiousness to the administration. The “if you attack me, you’re attacking science” administration go to Covid person has been exposed by his all over the place policies and being less than upfront about his relationship to the Wuhan Lab. As a result, half the country distrusts him.

Dr. Scott Atlas, serving in the Trump White House with Dr. Fauci on the covid epidemic, tells us how little interest the Doctor had with discussions of studies and data. He details this in his new book”A Plague upon Our House: My fight at the Trump White House to Stop Covid from Destroying America.” Dr. Fauci formed a troika with CDC director Robert Redfield and team leader Deborah Birks to quit if President Trump fired anyone. These bureaucrats were more interested in maintaining their positions than digesting pertinent information Dr. Atlas passed out at task force meetings. Dr. Atlas found it went unread.

Dr. Atlas opposed both over-extended lockdowns and school closures and presented supporting data. Instead of debate, the Troika inspired a media campaign to discredit him. How effective this was is revealed by how many people still think Dr. Atlas is a radiologist having no place in the Covid epidemic. This smear even extended to Fox New’s Chris Wallace, who repeated how unqualified Dr. atlas was. All anyone had to do was google his biography at the Hoover Institute to find the truth. Better yet, read his book.

This situation opens an excellent opportunity for Smerconish in primetime. Chris Cuomo was hardly a rating juggernaut. His audience was doubled by MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow and tripled by Fox’s Sean Hannity. When you’re in last place, the only way is up. Appealing to a broader audience by presenting diverse views and news, the program could appeal to more people.

An excellent place to start might be inviting Dr. Atlas to discuss his book and experiences.

He could illuminate other areas where the CNN audience is behind the curve, as it is with natural immunity. For instance, few on the left know much about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. New York Post’s Miranda Devine could come on and converse about her book, “The Laptop From Hell.”

The Wall Street Journal recently reviewed three well-researched books pointing to the Covid Virus originating in the Wuhan Lab. Bring any or all the authors on with Dr. Fauci and give the audience both sides of the deadly issue. Global warming has produced all sorts of views. Done right, it could lead to a spirited and enlightening debate.

The “Steele Dossier” played a very prominent part in CNN’s coverage of the Trump administration. Revisiting the report that influenced the thinking of both hosts and guests would be fascinating and informative.

Being exposed to opposing views may lose some of the current audience, but new viewers could expand his reach. With such a small audience, there isn’t that much to lose.

By now, Smerconish is aware of how out of touch his program on previous covid infection is, and he has to wonder where else he and his audience is lacking. Perceiving a need and filling it is often the path to success. I hope Michael Smercondish sees his opportunity. He could even bring CNN closer to its roots as a news organization.

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